Idris Elba Coming Back From the Dead In New Movie

Idris Elba has signed on to star in a new movie with The Extraction director at the helm. Elba will be coming back from the dead to kick butt.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Idris Elba is one of the best actors around, a guy with real range who can go into the comic book world if need be but also can take deeply emotional and artsy roles if need be as well. So there are almost no limits to the kinds of movies the dude can make. In his next film, he’ll go more the action route coming back from the dead to solve the mystery of who wanted him killed. Deadline is reporting that Elba has signed on for Stay Frosty and it will almost definitely be a frenetically paced thriller. 

This new Idris Elba film will have Extraction director Sam Hargrave helming the movie about a man who somehow survives a bullet to the head from an unknown assailant. After regaining consciousness he has to find out why he was a target in the first place and who is out gunning for him. The early descriptions have the movie in the John Wick mold and could be lining up to even be a franchise film if it hits well with audiences out of the gate. There is also supposedly a Christmas theme to the film with Elba’s character trying to not only solve the mystery but also get home to his son in time for the holiday. 

The reason this new Idris Elba movie is expected to have a ton of adrenaline and also possibly a darker (even comedic) element is what Hargrave could bring to the film. The former stunt coordinator extraordinaire has made the move to full-length feature directing and made his first movie with Chris Hemsworth in Netflix’s Extraction. That film went at a breakneck pace through Hemsworth’s character trying to rescue a boy from a hostage situation and make it out of a city alive. The film was an intense thriller with extended action cuts and nearly non-stop action. It ended up being one of the streaming platform’s best-performing movies last year. There’s the thought that he can bring some of that same energy to Stay Frosty. 

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Before Stay Frosty hits screens though, Idris Elba will have plenty of other action chops already under his belt with another potential franchise turn coming down the pike soon. He’s set to star in the upcoming reboot The Suicide Squad as Bloodsport. James Gunn is looking to reset that group on the big screen and early trailers give the indication that this film will correct some of the first’s in terms of tone and style. Elba’s Bloodsport looks like he’s one of the de facto leaders of the group, a vicious fighter with a penchant for violence but who also has his head screwed on straight, in comparison to the rest of the crazies in the group. 

Additionally, Idris Elba is also in post-production on a couple of other films that are due out this year. He’ll star in the Western The Harder They Fall with Regina King. And then there is Three Thousand Years of Longing with Tilda Swinton. And his series Luther is set to return as well. Know that soon though we’ll be getting this guy in a total action film with an up-and-coming director at the helm.