Hugh Jackman Is A Dying Hero In The Death Of Robin Hood

By Jason Collins | Published

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A24, an American independent entertainment company that specializes in movie and television production, just acquired the US rights to Michael Sarnoski’s The Death of Robin Hood, with Hugh Jackman and Jodie Comer scheduled to star in the upcoming movie, with Hugh Jackman as Robin Hood.

New Spin On An Old Tale

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The upcoming Hugh Jackman Robin Hood movie is looking to put a new spin on an age-old tale, and it was one of the hottest movie projects at the Cannes Film Festival this month when it was up for sale.

The movie will follow a battle-worn Robin Hood who finds himself gravely injured in the company of a mysterious woman who offers him a chance at salvation. Micheal Sarnoski is attached to direct the movie with Lyrical Media’s financing, and Jon Rosenberg and Natalie Sellers are executive producers alongside Rama Gottumukkala, Sarnoski, and Jackman.

More Grounded And Visceral

The director of the upcoming Hugh Jackman Robin Hood movie stated that this is an incredible opportunity for him, as he gets to reinvent the well-known story.

And with Jackman and Comer attached to the project—their presence is bound to bring the story to life in a meaningful and powerful way.

Additionally, from what we can tell, the story is going to be far more grounded and visceral than other adaptations we’ve gotten used to seeing in Hollywood. Despite the criticism, 2018’s Robin Hood is still a good movie.

A24 At Work

A24, however, acquired the US rights and is currently planning a theatrical release of the film. This is after WME Independent—which represents worldwide sales rights to the Hugh Jackman Robin Hood movie—negotiated with A24 on behalf of the filmmakers.

Besides this particular movie, A24 also acquired the US rights to The Entertainment System is Down, starring Kirsten Dunst, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Brühl, Nicholas Braun, and Samantha Morton.

Hugh Jackman Also Coming With Deadpool & Wolverine

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The Hugh Jackman Robin Hood movie also marks the second project with A24 and Jodie Comer, who is set to star in HBO’s Sex Therapy series, which is an adaptation of Jen Beagin’s Big Swiss novel.

As for Hugh Jackman, the advance tickets for Deadpool & Wolverine went on sale this Monday, along with Disney and Marvel dropping new footage and a new poster featuring the two characters. The upcoming villain of the movie seems to be Cassandra Nova Xavier—a super-villainous twin sister of X-Men’s Charles Xavier.

Two Versions Of Deadpool & Wolverine?

Furthermore, Disney also released two different synopses for the movie: one family-friendly version and a more uncensored, profane version that probably better reflects the movie.

Whatever the case may be, we finally get to see Hugh Jackman as the iconic Wolverine once again—he has been synonymous with the character longer than some of our colleagues and other members of the workforce.

But it would be interesting to see Hugh Jackman as Robin Hood as well, especially since Van Helsing isn’t getting a sequel.

Other Robin Hood Details Coming

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Unfortunately, other details surrounding the Hugh Jackman Robin Hood movie remain undisclosed. From what we managed to gather, the movie is currently scheduled to release in February 2025, barred another strike or another worldwide plague.

Source: Deadline