See The Epic 3D Billboard For House Of The Dragon

Check out this thing!

By Matthew Creith | Published

house of the dragon matt smith

When HBO broadcast the last episode of Game of Thrones in 2019, it became a pop culture event that would define an era of cable network viewing. A fantasy series for the ages, the fictional show about political conflicts and family drama spun a web of interest for audiences during its eight-season run. At the time, the show garnered critical acclaim and a much-needed sequel to satisfy the needs of a fan base ripe for the taking. The George R.R. Martin novels were still being written (and still are), and a sense of what was to come was not in the cards just yet. Now, HBO is unveiling its newest prequel for the series called House of the Dragon, and we have our first look at an epic 3D billboard erected in its honor.

The humongous 3D billboard for House of the Dragon sits above the New York City’s famous Times Square tourist spot. Showcasing a fire-breathing dragon appearing to look as natural as the people standing below, the new advertisement is going viral on Twitter and TikTok as it promotes the new series. According to a report by Nerdist, the billboard is proving to be a spectacle in Times Square, much like Gozilla, Spider-Man, and even Jason Voorhees have done at one time in the Big Apple. While Times Square is not a new place for promoting television shows and movies, the 3D animation used in the House of the Dragon promo is quite the extravaganza.

HBO is set to debut House of the Dragon on August 21st, and ten episodes will encapsulate the first season. Almost sure to be a hit for the network, the series is a prequel to Game of Thrones that takes place two hundred years before the events of the 2011 blockbuster show. The new iteration will be based on some of George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel, Fire & Blood. It will feature familiar faces like English actor Paddy Considine, The Crown star Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Ready Player One’s Olivia Cooke, and Notting Hill fan favorite Rhys Ifans. According to, HBO had initially announced plans for House of the Dragon back in 2019 and that only some of Fire & Blood was used to make this first season.

House of the Dragon comes at a time when streaming platforms and cable networks are looking to audiences for help with how to create content that fans will enjoy. Warner Bros. Discovery recently had a string of bad press when it announced that Batgirl would not open in theaters or be shown on HBO Max. In recent weeks, media outlets discovered that a slew of titles had also disappeared from the HBO Max library. With this most recent 3D billboard and Today reporting a cast and character guide for audiences to decipher who is part of House of the Dragon, it may be evident that HBO is looking to past successes like Game of Thrones to dictate their next moves as a content creator and distributor. However, one thing is sure: the House Targaryen will feature prominently in the new prequel, setting audiences up for a wild ride through the “Dance of the Dragons.”