Patricia Arquette Comedy High Desert Canceled By Apple

By Robert Scucci | Updated

high desert premiere
Patricia Arquette in High Desert

Deadline reports that Apple TV+ has canceled Patricia Arquette’s High Desert after just one season. Arquette stated on her Instagram page that the show won’t be coming back, and that this news is a “sad bummer” for everybody involved.

Though we have reason to speculate that the ongoing writers’ strike may have had a hand in the cancellation of the series, representatives for Apple TV+ have not commented on their decision to not renew High Desert for a second season.

High Desert’s first season tells the story of Patricia Arquette’s Peggy Newman, a drug addict who decides to become a private investigator after the death of her mother. Throughout the eight-episode run, we witness her misadventures as she tries to navigate through her new vocation in the character-driven comedy.

Fans and critics alike have compared High Desert to Arrested Development in its delivery, and have praised the series’ ability to tread the line between a curious comedy of errors and a chaotic exploration of self through the lens of a somewhat reformed addict trying to find a proper footing in her newfound life.

High Desert has been canceled at Apple TV+ after only one season.

The series performed quite well in its first season, with a Rotten Tomatoes Critical score of 70 percent, and an even more impressive audience score of 79 percent. Patricia Arquette’s performance has been described by reviewers as curious and brazen, and her Peggy character has been considered highly amusing due to her lack of impulse control.

high desert premiere
Patricia Arquette in High Desert

In other words, even though the show has been described as “deliberately odd,” its comedy worked on so many different levels, that people couldn’t help but tune in to see where the story would go.

It’s one thing for a series to be cancelled with a neat conclusion, but this is not the case for Patricia Arquette’s High Desert. Season 1 clearly ended with a cliffhanger, and we’re going to be left guessing since the series has not been renewed.

Fans and critics alike have compared High Desert to Arrested Development in its delivery.

But unlike Disney+’s recent content purge, executive producer Ben Stiller has Tweeted that High Desert‘s first season will remain streaming on Apple TV+ in perpetuity. In other words, unlike Willow, which was removed from streaming by Disney+ just six months after its inaugural episode, the Patricia Arquette series will remain available for those who have yet to watch it, or simply want to watch it again.

Stiller’s Tweet also encouraged fans of the series to let Apple TV+ that they want more.

Patricia Arquette on Gonzo Girl

For those of you who are hooked on Patricia Arquette, and want to see her continue to do what she does best, you’ll be pleased to know that she stars in, and directs Gonzo Girl, a Rebecca Thomas film. Gonzo Girl is based on a 2015 Cheryl Della Pietra novel of the same name, and co-stars Camila Morrone and Willem Dafoe.

The story is a fictional recounting of Pietra’s experience as Hunter S. Thompson’s personal assistant while he was struggling to write Polo is my Life, a book he never finished or published.

It comes with great disappointment that we won’t see Patricia Arquette continue her role as Peggy Newman in High Desert, but it’s clear that she’s not calling it quits any time soon.