Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Revealed?

Twitter user Grace Randolph revealed an inside scoop that claims Logan Lerman will replace Henry Cavill as Superman, something that DC CEO James Gunn fervently denies.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

YouTuber and Twitter personality Grace Randolph has spilled the beans on who will replace Henry Cavill as Superman. Or has she? While Randolph has been known to report insider information (and is often right), James Gunn has already shut down the rumors that Cavill’s replacement has been cast, despite Randolph’s insistence that it has and that Hunters actor Logan Lerman will be the next actor to put on the iconic red cape.

Last week, Randolph posted to Twitter that a casting call “for all ethnicities” had gone out to talent agencies for the parts of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen, despite reports from Gunn that he was not currently casting for the film. Randolph now says that Warner Bros. Discovery is “very close” to casting Henry Cavill’s Superman replacement, possibly with the studio in final negotiations with an actor for the role, if it’s not already a signed deal.

When a fan reached out to Gunn on Twitter to confirm the rumor, the new DCU co-CEO shut down the gossip immediately, claiming that he had not discussed the part with a single actor and has only been making mental notes of who he’d like to replace Henry Cavill while he prepares for the auditions that are still to come.

While the head honcho of the DC Universe himself shutting down a rumor seems like it would be enough for fans to move on, Randolph refused to let the issue rest and instead fired back at Gunn, hinting that she knew The Suicide Squad director was lying and that she knew exactly who Gunn’s top choice for Henry Cavill’s replacement was, insinuating that it’s the Bullet Train actor, Logan Lerman. She ended her tweet with the cheeky comment, “We’ll see what happens!” Indicating that Randolph is pretty sure she is right in her predictions.

Shutting Randolph down once more, Gunn revealed that he didn’t even know who Lerman was; therefore, it couldn’t possibly be that actor. 

However, the DC Studios CEO then had to issue an apology as it seemed his naivety around the Perks of Being a Wallflower actor had offended some people. Gunn clarified that while he didn’t previously know Lerman’s name, he has seen some of the actor’s work and believes him to be talented. Nevertheless, Lerman is not in line to replace Henry Cavill as DC’s next Superman.

Only time will tell if Randolph is right and if Gunn is lying about Henry Cavill’s Superman replacement. Randolph, who runs the YouTube channel Beyond the Trailer, is known for movie news, reviews, analysis, and reaction videos in addition to her cinematic whistle-blowing on Twitter. However, while she certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to popular culture, she isn’t always right in her predictions. 

Last year, she wrongfully claimed that Pedro Pascal had quit The Mandalorian halfway through Season 2, which was obviously untrue as the actor is currently starring in Season 3 of the Star Wars saga. On the other hand, Randolph also correctly reported that Henry Cavill would be cutting ties with the Superman franchise, declared that there would be LGBTQ+ representation in Lightyear, and reported that Daredevil: Born Again would not be R-rated. So, while Randolph’s inside scoops are often spotty, she’s also sometimes correct. 

Nevertheless, it will likely still be some time before anything official is announced. So, in the meantime, we can grab our popcorn, settle down on Twitter, and get our entertainment fix from the Randolph/Gunn Twitter wars instead.