Henry Cavill In Talks With Superman’s New Owners To Put The Cape Back On?

How much hope should fans have that we'll be seeing Henry Cavill in the cape again soon?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Henry Cavill has a thriving career. And yet, we never saw Man of Steel 2. It’s clear that the actor would come back on to play Superman for us any time that DC had a project ready for him, but the studio has long seemed to have moved past Cavill’s Superman and onto other things. Is there reason to hope? Some are saying that the new studio merger, creating Warns Bros Discovery, is exactly the chance that Cavill’s Clark Kent needs. That now, the actor is in talks with the studio. Is there reason to hope?

This news comes from a Reddit User named SpideyForever245 with a history of sharing behind-the-scenes updates in the /DCSpoilers community. Recently, they shared a long list of updates. They claimed that Robert Pattinson is fighting with director Matt Reeves, that the new studio is at war over the Snyderverse, and that Henry Cavill is in talks with Discovery in the hopes that they will now restore the actor to the big screen in his role as the Man of Steel.

In many ways, that update would make sense. There is a new studio in charge. Recently, there was a major studio merger announced that has now created a new studio, Warner Bros. Discovery. The full details of what the merger is going to mean won’t be evident to fans for a while. For DC fans, the questions are pretty specific. Is the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, a fan of the Snyderverse? And what will his perspective mean for the future of the DC Extended Universe? Does Henry Cavill have a shot?


While the merger in itself is enough to raise some questions, the source for this new update doesn’t feel credible. One reason is that their update makes so many claims. How are they aware of so much information? And moreover, why would they share all of those details in such short snippets? It makes the post feel like it’s just trying to make waves. Adding to that suspicion are some of their other comments on the platform. For example, another commenter pointed out that We Got This Covered tends to report on the spoilers that SpideyForever245 throws out there. SpideyForever245 replied, “Good. It’s hilarious.” Comments like these make it sound like they are just trolling the spoilers forums, attempting to create waves, and finding the whole thing personally amusing. Unfortunately, this isn’t a lot of fun for fans, who really want to know what’s happening with their favorite characters.

Will Henry Cavill return as Superman? One of the troubles with this question is that it can stay open-ended potentially forever. It seems highly unlikely that they’ll ever do anything like kill off his character. That means that ten years from now, or twenty years from now, some fans could still be holding out hope that they’ll see him return. At this time, Michael Keaton is filming The Flash as Batman. When we see him in the role in 2022, thirty years will have passed. While it can be painful waiting for something fans want to see, some will hold onto hope forever. With how much Cavill seems to enjoy playing Superman, it seems fair to guess that the role is never going to be off the table.