Harry Potter Fans Have A Conspiracy Theory That Emma Watson Just Proved?

There is a wild theory going around about the Harry Potter Reunion Special and Emma Watson might have accidentally confirmed it

By Erika Hanson | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The highly anticipated Harry Potter reunion special finally arrived earlier this month. With the magical return to Hogwarts, we were reminded of two things: just how much the wizarding series still holds up in popularity over 20 years later, and the reminder that internet sleuths might just have too much time on their hands. Last night, the reunion garnered plenty more social media attention. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint began trending when some eagle-eyed viewers shared a conspiracy theory that the latter wasn’t actually at the reunion in London-with Emma Watson as proof.

Back in December, a Twitter fan account for Emma Watson shared screenshots from the Harry Potter reunion of Emma Watson. Captioning the photos with, “Look at Emma Watson’s nails”, the two photographs show two separate pictures of Emma, seemingly taken at the same time given her outfit and accessories. However, Watson’s nail varnish is undeniably different. In the first photo, the Hermione actress’s nails are painted black the photo is from the scenes at the reunion where she appears with both Daniel Radcliffe and Ruper Grint. Meanwhile, the second photo, taken from scenes where she is alone with Rupert at the reunion, clearly shows the actress rocking a gold-colored polish.

The nail polish fiasco led many fans last night to take to Twitter and conspire that it could only mean one thing: Rupert Grint wasn’t actually with the cast and crew at the London reunion event. Instead, some users believe that Grint was actually in Toronto, Canada, and was edited into scenes with Emma Watson and the rest of the gang. To back up the claims, fans pointed out that Rupert Grint was filming scenes for  Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Netflix show Cabinet of Curiosities in Canada, with pictures of filming published by the Daily Mail. Similarly, one Twitter user pointed to the reunions show’s credits. Pointing out that the credits reference a Toronto filming crew, some believe it to be one more piece of the newest Harry Potter mystery proving Grint’s absence from the reunion. Other users rebutted the claims, questioning how the duo was able to share a moment during the reunion depicting the two holding each other’s hands. 

As bizarre as the conspiracy may seem, it follows a string of awkward mistakes strewn throughout the Harry Potter reunion special. First, there was the cringeworthy mishap from production. A photo was mistakenly used during the episode that was supposed to be a childhood snap of Emma Watson. However, one fan took to Twitter to break the news that it was in fact a photo of actress Emma Roberts, as it can still be found posted on her official Instagram account. Watson herself did respond to the mix-up, posting the picture to her Instagram with the caption “I was NOT this cute,” tagging the correct Emma in her post.

In possibly a more amusing mistake, actors James and Oliver Phelps, the real-life twins who starred as wizarding twin brothers Fred and George Weasley were labeled with the wrong names during the reunion show. We can assumingly let this one slide, chalking it up to be a purposeful mistake reminiscent of the twins’ shenanigans often confusing their mother with who was who.

As odd as the wardrobe change may be, the fact remains that a polish discrepancy doesn’t necessarily mean somethings awry. It’s a well-known fact that celebrities go through constant wardrobe and makeup updates even during filming. Most likely, it could have been an idea from Watson or her team deciding that one of the colors didn’t work as well with her outfit. There are yet to be any words from the celebrities attending the Harry Potter reunion regarding the most recent conspiracy, but it’s likely someone will speak up soon and comment. As fans wait for assurance on the matter, we’re just happy it’s taking some attention away from the J.K Rowling controversy.