See The Halo TV Series Trailer Introduce Master Chief

By Faith McKay | 14 seconds ago

halo trailer

It’s happening. The Halo TV series was first announced back in 2013, leading many to believe they’d never see it come to fruition. Now, a new Halo trailer is here to prove the doubters wrong. It’s only 27 seconds, so fans won’t be seeing much, but what they will see is pretty awesome.

Check out the brief new Halo trailer below.

“Hello, Master Chief.” Oh, yes. The new Halo trailer makes the most of its 27 seconds by showing off a glimpse of the special effects that fans can expect from the series. A look at Master Chief’s scarred back promises a lot of developments for his story. Notably, Jen Taylor, who voiced Cortana in the games, will be doing so in the new series as well. Cortana is a fan-favorite and often serves as an advisor for Master Chief. Fans of the game series are likely to appreciate that the same voice actress is playing the role in the new project.

While it’s not obvious in the Halo trailer, Master Chief is being played by Pablo Schreiber. Many may know the actor from Orange Is The New Black, where he played the prison guard George ‘Pornstache’ Mendez. Clearly, he’s going to be taking on a very different role in the new project.

Pablo Schreiber Is Master Chief in New Halo Series

While the Halo trailer shows that the new TV series is bringing in a lot from the games, the adaptation will be its own project, and that’s something that can make fans nervous. Previously, the series has announced four new characters will be seen in the show. Spartan Vannak-134 will be a supersoldier played by Bentley Kalu. His character will be a deputy to Master Chief. Natasha Culzac (previously known for her role on The Witcher) will play Spartan Riz-028, a cybernetically enhanced professional killer. Kate Kennedy will play Spartan Kai-125, a Spartan supersoldier known for being curious. Then there is the new character Kwan Ha played by Yerin Ha. The new character is a 16-year old who meets up with Master Chief. Not much is known about her character beyond that her meeting with Master Chief will happen at a “fateful” time for them both, so it sounds like her character may be central to the story. Hopefully, another Halo trailer will release with more story information soon.

While it may seem like there isn’t a ton of information available yet about the Halo TV series, fans have waited a long time for this much information and confirmation that it’s actually happening. The production was hit by many delays and changes. For example, this series was originally meant to be a Showtime series. Eventually, it moved over to Paramount, something that the Halo trailer draws a lot of attention to. The series will be available for streaming on their new service, Paramount+.

Paramount isn’t yet ready to provide an exact release date in the Halo trailer, but they did announce that it is coming sometime in 2022. The release of the new trailer promises that first looks at the other characters will be coming very soon.