Halle Berry Calls Out Catwoman Fans In Hilarious Fashion

Halle Berry responds to recent interest in her Catwoman movie.

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Halle Berry’s portrayal of Catwoman continues to be the most memorable. In light of the highly anticipated upcoming film The Batman, it is only natural that Catwoman would become more popular than ever. Zoe Kravitz will be portraying the newest iteration of Selina Kyle. But this does not seem to overshadow the 2004 film Halle Berry starred in. There has been an outpouring of appreciation for the film, though it was a critical failure at the time. Halle Berry in particular pointed out this occurrence on Twitter.

Halle Berry’s response about the film came about from a fan’s tweet. The fan was highly encouraging of Halle Berry’s performance as Catwoman, despite how disliked the film was. Many do not consider it to be a true Catwoman film since Halle Berry’s character in the film is not the iconic Batman anti-hero Selina Kyle. While the film was titled Catwoman, the character and events of the film seem to be completely unrelated to DC’s Batman comics or any of the live-action adaptations.

Halle Berry took on the role of Patience Phillips, a woman who was a direct contrast to Selina Kyle. While the Catwoman of Batman fame is a burglar with no specific powers, Patience Phillips is something else altogether. Patience is shy and overlooked by many people. While working as a graphic designer for a cosmetics company, she discovers a deep conspiracy. Instead of being flexible with a whip, Patience inherits mystical powers. She becomes wild and begins demonstrating the heightened senses and reflexes of a cat. 

The film neglected to follow the accepted canon from the Batman universe but it did have some interesting connections. Eagle-eyed fans will see that Patience Phillips may share a universe with Selina Kyle. Many fans argue that Patience is just one Catwoman in a long line of them. This is backed up when Patience is shown photos of previous Catwomen, including Michelle Pfeiffer. 


As interesting as that may be, it did not stop the film from getting negative reviews. Halle Berry accepted a Razzie award in 2004 for her depiction of the new Catwoman. In her speech, Berry freely admitted that the film would not be helping her career any time soon. This was a tragedy as Halle Berry had just become a star in her own right. One of Berry’s most notable roles was as Storm in the first X-Men trilogy. The first X-Men film premiered in 2000, long before Marvel Studios had become what it is today. It seemed that Berry would keep rising after her Oscar win for 2001’s Monster’s Ball. The failure of Catwoman was devastating to Halle Berry’s career. More recently she has swung back into the popular zeitgeist with her appearance in the recent John Wick film.

Even though it has been almost two decades since Catwoman, it seems that Halle Berry is finally vindicated. As with many cult-favorite movies that bombed at the time, there are always fans who will accept the camp of certain films. Even if critics ultimately decide that this movie is not worth watching, there are many films that reach this cult status. Halle Berry is in good company with the likes of Kurt Russell who struggled for years with his box office flops.

Now more than ever it seems that studios are looking past numbers at the box office with the news that Dune is getting a sequel. Catwoman has stood the test of time and is once again getting noticed. With Catwoman being adapted for live-action again, as well as this recent love from fans, Halle Berry’s portrayal has proven to stand on its own.