Gwendoline Christie Just Joined One Of Netflix’s Most Anticipated Shows

Gwendoline Christie has just been cast in one of the most highly anticipated Netflix series!

By Michileen Martin | Published

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She’s been one of the greatest knights in Game of Thrones‘ Westeros, she was one of the chief villains of Star Wars‘ First Order, and pretty soon (per cnet) she’ll be playing Sandman‘s version of the fallen angel Lucifer. Today, news dropped that Gwendoline Christie will add The Addams Family to the growing list of popular franchises she’s been a part of.

Deadline is reporting that Gwendoline Christie has joined the cast of Wednesday: Netflix’s upcoming series in which Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family will be the main character. According to the report, Christie won’t be playing one of the beloved Addamses, but instead sounds like a potential antagonist, or at the very least a foil to the titular lead.

According to Deadline, Gwendoline Christie’s character is Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy. Along with likely representing a figure of authority to Wednesday — who will be a student at the school — Weems apparently has some kind of unresolved beef with Wednesday’s mother Morticia.

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Alfred Gough and Miles Millar — who, as the former showrunner’s for Smallville, have experience mining gold out of beloved franchises — are the showrunners for Wednesday and Tim Burton is attached to direct the series’ first eight episodes. According to Empire Online, the show promises to be something akin to The Addams Family meets Veronica Mars, as it will apparently be both a coming-of-age series and detective show. Played by Jenna Ortega, Wednesday will find her psychic powers beginning to kick in just as they could prove useful in hunting down a prolific local killer. She’ll try to learn to control those abilities at Nevermore Academy where Gwendoline Christie’s Larissa Weems reigns supreme.

Early last month, Netflix announced they’d found Wednesday’s parents. Catherine Zeta Jones will play Morticia Addams, who apparently shares some friction with Gwendoline Christie’s Larissa. Luis Guzm├ín will play Morticia’s adoring husband Gomez. We will learn early in the show that the couple got wrapped up in a mystery 25 years before the events of the series, and it will apparently be a mystery that their daughter will get caught up in as well. While it’s little more than speculation, it wouldn’t come as a shock if something involving this mystery is at the core of the old feud between Larissa Weems and the Addams family matriarch.

Joining Gwendoline Christine in Wednesday are Victor Dorobantu as the iconic disembodied hand Thing, Issac Ordonez (A Wrinkle in Time) as Wednesday’s brother Pugsley, and George Burcea (Comrade Detective) as the servant Lurch. Conspicuously absent from any announcements thus far is the casting of the pale, bald Uncle Fester who was played by the late Jackie Coogan in the original series and Christopher Lloyd in the ’90s film adaptations.

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Wednesday‘s release date hasn’t been revealed, so it could be a while before we find out exactly what Gwendoline Christie’s character’s role in the series will be, or who is destined to play the unforgettable Uncle Fester,

As far as Gwendoline Christie’s plans beyond Wednesday, along with her role in the upcoming The Sandman, the actress will star in the drama Flux Gourmet directed by Peter Strickland (Katalin Varga) due out some time in 2022. According to Variety, the film takes place in a culinary arts institute bursting with feuds and power struggles. Asa Butterfield (Hugo, Ender’s Game) will star opposite Christie.