Disney Gets Historic Medical Drama Streaming Exclusive But Netflix Also Wins Big

By Douglas Helm | Published

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The iconic medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will be making the jump to Hulu as part of Disney and Netflix’s short-term US content agreement. It’s a big win for the streamers, but don’t fret Netflix subscribers, they grabbed some titles as well.

Grey’s Anatomy On Hulu

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Starting in Spring 2024, the two streaming services will share co-exclusive US streaming rights to all 19 seasons of Shonda Rhimes’ popular ABC show (via Variety).

This means more people will have easy streaming access to the longest-running medical drama on primetime TV.

Hulu on Disney+

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Grey’s Anatomy jumping to Hulu will happen right alongside the launch of Hulu on Disney+ in March 2024, which will allow Disney+ subscribers to access most of Hulu’s content all from one app.

Even though Netflix will have 19 seasons of the drama available to stream, only Hulu will have the complete series and have new in-season episodes available to stream after they air.

Netflix Lands Some Big Names

Of course, Netflix isn’t getting the short end of the stick as the streamer will also get access to 14 Disney series on a non-exclusive basis.

Along with sharing co-exclusive streaming rights for Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix will get Disney-owned titles like The Wonder Years, This is Us, My Wife & Kids, ESPN 30 for 30, The Resident, White Collar, Reba, Archer, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Prison Break, The Hughleys, Bernie Mac, and Home Improvement.

Netflix 2024 And 2025

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Netflix will gradually be adding the shows from January 2024 through February 2025, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for when they hit the service.

It’s a rare example of paying subscribers getting cross-platform access in a world where streaming rights are often contested.

Grey’s Anatomy On Hulu In March

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While we’ll have to wait until March for Grey’s Anatomy to hit Hulu and for the Hulu on Disney+ launch, many viewers were able to access the beta version of the combined streaming apps last week.

This one-app integration should make it easier for those with one streaming service to access more shows owned by the same company. While Disney has allowed fans to bundle its Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN streaming services, many consumers would prefer not to switch between apps to watch their favorite shows.

Not All Shows Can Move

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It remains to be seen if Grey’s Anatomy will be one of the Hulu streaming shows available on Disney+, but not every show is making the jump.

This means you’ll want to hold on to your Hulu app if you still want access to the full library. Certain licensing-rights deals prevent some of Hulu’s titles from being transferred over, such as the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family, the reality show Love Island, and linear TV channels in the Hulu Live TV package.

You’ll still have to keep all of your apps if you want to access everything you pay for, in other words.

Star Wars And Marvel Staying Put

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As for the Disney and Netflix deal, while shows like Grey’s Anatomy might be shared between the services, don’t expect to see some of the core House of Mouse brands on your Netflix queue.

Major IP franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar are expected to remain exclusive to Disney+.

This news isn’t all that surprising because these likely are primary drivers for keeping subscribers and bringing in new subscriptions.