HBO Is Planning A Gay Green Lantern

It's been revealed that there will be a gay Green Lantern character when the series about the titular group eventually hits HBO Max

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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For all of the comic book properties and characters that are hitting screens lately, one group that’s been noticeably absent from the festivities is the Green Lantern Corps. While a major part of the DC Universe on the printed pages, and often a big part of the actual Justice League, we haven’t seen much of anyone (save a clip here and there) from this group make any kind of splash. But that’s set to change soon and we have some word about how they’ll work in new characters. According to The Hollywood Reporter and MovieWeb, in this upcoming Green Lantern series on HBO Max, one of the Corps members will be gay though it’s unclear just which member this will be. 

The new Green Lantern series is headed for HBO Max and has a ten-episode run to start the first season with Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti on as executive producer. There have already been casting decisions made about the series with Finn Wittrock signed on to play Guy Gardner in the lead role. It’s unlikely this is the gay character mentioned in the initial report but it could be. In addition to Gardner, the Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz versions of the character will also have leads in the new show. It’s set to be an expansive look at the overall group. 

It might be Alan Scott as the Green Lantern character that could be gay in this new series. There is some comic book precedence for this move with Scott being revealed to be gay in one iteration of the character on the printed pages. That being said, there are many options here. The Green Lantern Corps is a massive group and though there have been characters who’ve seen full treatment and origin stories in the comic books, a new series could definitely expand the groups’ numbers in a way we haven’t really seen before. 

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Unlike other superhero and comic book movies and television series, the Green Lantern story could come at things a little differently. Because the group itself, those wielders of the power ring, have been around for millennia, the stories around new characters can pick up at different points on their personal timelines. It’s unlikely that we get an origin story for each, but rather an introduction of those members who’ve already been part of the group for some time. In this way, it could be a little different than what we’ve seen in the past. 

And for those keeping track, this new Green Lantern television series is different from the movie the folks at DC Films and Warner Bros. have planned as well. While there could definitely be overlap between the two, that isn’t definitive at this point. Again, because the group is so big, there’s a chance the series focuses more on a couple of characters and the movie takes someone else. Again, Green Lantern is afforded this possibility, unlike other superheroes. 

It remains to be seen which Green Lantern is gay on the new series. With DC and Warner Bros.’s commitment to diversity in their superhero ranks, it stands to reason we could see multiple characters in the new show. No matter what happens, it will be a welcome reset for the group of characters who were last seen featured back in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds in the lead. We don’t want this to be the last time we’ve seen the group featured and now we are going to get a wide-ranging story that will do them, well, justice.