Gina Carano Actually Returning To Star Wars?

Could Gina Carano actually be in discussion with Disney to return to Star Wars?

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Gina Carano seemed to have completely burned her bridge with Disney/Lucasfilm. After it was announced that the company had severed ties with the actress, the fallout just continued to accumulate until it seemed to crescendo with Carano giving an interview to The Daily Wire where she directly criticized Disney and established that she was forging her own path by producing her own movie with the outlet. That alone would seem to indicate her unquestioning end with the company. Nobody in their right mind would possibly believe that she could ever return to the Mouse House, right?

In a YouTube video from infamous rumor-monger Overlord DVD a.k.a. Doomcock (via Bounding Into Comics), the gossip reporter claims that Gina Carano is in talks with Disney to return as Cara Dune in some fashion. “My Hollywood agents have been telling me for weeks now that Disney is in talks with Gina Carano about the possibility of returning to the role of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian and several other shows in the Favreauverse,” the YouTuber claims. Supposedly, his sources are saying that Disney might feel “offended” at their reasoning behind terminating their contract with Carano. For a reminder, the reason Carano was dismissed had to do with a series of controversial social media posts that culminated in one that was perceived to be deeply insensitive to Jewish people in relation to the Holocaust.

Considering just how public the break-up between Disney and Gina Carano was, it is very difficult to believe there is a universe where her return as Cara Dune would not cause a swarm of bad press for Disney. And there have been other reports that definitively say that she will never return to the franchise. Even if Overlord DVD’s source is true, it is nigh infeasible that this would pan out for any of the parties involved. This is not like the instance where Disney fired and then rehired James Gunn. That had Gunn openly apologizing for his past behavior and owning up to his mistakes. Carano has taken a hardline stance in relation to her opinions on social media and does not seem to be interested in backing down from that position.

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If Gina Carano did walk back her stances and openly apologized for her actions, would Disney be open to having her come back to the Star Wars franchise? Nothing is impossible but it would require some Olympic-level public relations work from Disney/Lucasfilm to get public opinion back on board with having Cara Dune back as a regular presence in the Star Wars universe. There is just so much bad blood built up throughout the fandom that it would be another rift in the pop culture collective if Carano did make some kind of return.

We are certainly willing to believe that Gina Carano could go on a major apology tour in order to regain her Disney paycheck, but we would not be putting any money down on that possibility. If there are any other dependable sources that go out of their way to confirm this rumor, then we will start paying attention. Until then, we are fairly certain the situation between Disney and Gina Carano remains broken down forever.