Gina Carano TV Episode Saved From Banning

Gina Carano is having an episode of an upcoming show saved from banning after it was thought that it wouldn't air this summer.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The efforts by some over the last couple of months to have Gina Carano canceled, I suppose, did work out (in their minds) in some respects. She lost her highest-profile gig with a major studio and some other jobs as well. Though she picked up a couple too, so maybe it’s a wash. But there were rumors that she was also being removed from an upcoming series that saw her in a guest spot. That won’t be the case though with Running Wild with Bear Grylls planning to air the episode in which Carano made a guest appearance. The actress announced as much through her Twitter account. 

It had been rumored that Running Wild with Bear Grylls was going to remove the episode they had shot with Gina Carano, planned for this next season, in light of the controversy around the actress. Disney+ had already chosen to take the episode out of rotation in light of the Carano news, which at least made a little sense considering the parent company had just severe ties with the actress. But apparently, The National Geographic Channel, the program’s home network isn’t going to go the same route. Check out what Carano had to say on Twitter. 

I’m not sure this is tantamount to official word from the network and show itself, but it appears close enough. Looks like Gina Carano will have her show aired after all in this upcoming season. It’s not totally clear where in the season it will land. As of right now, the show is only confirming six episodes (they’ve don 8-10 in the last few years) and Carano’s isn’t listed in the current lineup which includes Anthony Mackie, Terry Crews, Danica Patrick, Rainne Wilson, Keegan-Michael Key, and Danny Trejo. But I’d tend to take Carano’s word for it on this one, likely that she heard it directly from the Bear’s mouth. 

Gina Carano had expressed enthusiasm for her appearance on this show after she’d originally shot the episode. She and Grylls explore the Dolomite Mountains back in January. This was still while Carano was embroiled in some controversy, though she also, at the time, was gainfully employed by Disney. Here’s what she tweeted about her experience on the show. 

It was after this filming, in February, that things came to a head for Gina Carano. She tweeted some controversial opinions about the current political discourse and was fired by Disney and removed from her gig on The Mandalorian as well as other Star Wars projects. She quickly landed a gig with The Daily Wire’s fledgling production arm, but it still represented a blow for the actress. 

Whether there will be backlash for Running Wild with Bear Grylls airing this Gina Carano episode remains to be seen. In this day and age of news cycles, there’s some chance folks have mostly moved on from the Carano hatred by the time the episode actually airs. That’s just the way things go these days. It will be an interesting litmus test for how the collective feels about the actress months removed from the original controversy.