Gina Carano Is Being Totally Shut Out Of Hollywood

Gina Carano is supposedly being shown the door all over Tinseltown.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Gina Carano managed to come out of her Disney firing with a movie deal thanks to conservative outlet The Daily Wire, but there is no denying that it is a big step down in relation to where her star power was in recent years. In addition to being a recurring character on The Mandalorian, she had also made appearances in movies like Deadpool and Fast & Furious 6. She was on her way to being a legitimate big-name action star, but after a number of controversial social media posts, she was released from her gig at Disney and it sounds like such a public firing has had ramifications all throughout Hollywood.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Gina Carano has been trying to talk with other major movie studios for future roles but is finding absolutely no success. She is being “shut out.” It is not surprising to hear this since Carano made the decision to be extremely open regarding her feelings about Disney’s termination of her employment. People in the film business rarely want to work with an actor who has a history of badmouthing their former employer. It makes them a liability should they decide they feel unhappy with some element of their job. And as many of her fans like to point out, Gina Carano is not one to back down from a position she feels strongly about. That unyielding nature can also come across as stubborn and potentially volatile, especially when she has a proven track record of publicly sharing her feelings in a combative manner.

We have also heard similar stories about Gina Carano approaching Warner Bros. and even Disney in the hopes that they would take her back. It sounds like she is tossing the widest net she possibly can in the hopes that some major studio will give her a shot. It will be interesting to see if any of the big film and television producers decide to roll the dice on her, or if she will be limited to smaller independent productions. It might also end up being a matter of time. Will studios be willing to work with her once enough time has passed and the controversies surrounding her start to diminish? Or has she painted herself into a corner that she can’t get out of?

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A big part of this likely has to do with the public persona Gina Carano has crafted over the years. She portrays herself as someone who won’t back down from anything. That can certainly be seen as resilient and staying true to yourself, but it also can be seen as someone who does not believe that they have ever made a mistake in regards to their behavior. As such, apologizing or changing your stance on something then becomes seen as “weakness.” Since Gina Carano does not seem to believe she has done anything wrong, she seems adamant about maintaining her positions and not being open to any kind of concession on her behalf.

Will that change if she wants to get back into the larger Hollywood studio system? Only time will tell whether or not Gina Carano will be making movies and television on the scale she once was. But for now, it sounds like she is an unwanted presence in Tinseltown.