Gina Carano Suing Disney With Help From Elon Musk

By TeeJay Small | Updated

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Gina Carano is reportedly suing Disney regarding the circumstances of her 2021 firing from the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian. And it looks like she is getting a little help from a somewhat unlikely source.

Gina Carano’s Exit From The Mandalorian

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Carano’s career has widely been defined by her controversial exit from the show ever since, with the star doubling-down on her fringe far-right views by joining Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire production company for a number of projects.

In a strange turn of events, the lawsuit is being funded by none other than the blood-emerald mine profiteer and owner of X (formerly Twitter) Elon Musk.

Disney Discrimination And Elon Musk Steps In

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In her lawsuit, Gina Carano alleges that Disney discriminated against her for holding certain personal political beliefs that had no impact on her performance. As a result, Carano is seeking $75,000, plus punitive damages from both wrongful termination and discrimination charges against Lucasfilm and parent company Disney, per a complaint filed in a California federal court.

Elon Musk has thrown his hat in the ring in order to make good on a promise he made to users of the X platform, which suggests that he’ll back any user who feels that they have been targeted due to posts they have shared on the social media app.

Fired For Social Media Controversy

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Gina Carano’s firing was largely due to sentiments shared on X throughout 2021, over a year before Musk purchased and subsequently renamed the site.

The final straw for Disney came when Carano apparently shared sentiments likening the treatment of right wing voters in modern America to the plight shared by the Jewish community during the holocaust.

There were many previous posts of this nature which strained the relationship between Carano and producers of The Mandalorian, including a number of posts mocking COVID-19 safety guidelines, though the insensitive holocaust post officially forced the company to cut ties with the former MMA fighter.

Elon Musk’s Issues

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Elon Musk has himself been accused of antisemitism, as the X platform saw a skyrocketing of hateful rhetoric after he took ownership of the site.

The controversial billionaire recently agreed to attend the site of Auschwitz to gain a greater perspective of the lasting impact which bigotry has on Jewish communities to this day, though his comments following the trip left many to believe he still did not properly absorb the gravity of the situation.

Gina Carano Canceled?

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For Gina Carano, her Disney firing seems to have only pushed her further into the fringes, with the star sharing even more conspiracy-minded content on her social channels in the years since her departure from the media giant.

Gina Carano is just one of many celebrities and pop culture figures to have experienced so-called cancellation for her extreme views, which include denying the results of the 2020 election, disagreeing with the organization of Black Lives Matter, and refusing to acknowledge the preferred gender identity and pronouns of others.

Calls Out Another Star Wars Star

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According to Carano, the fallout of her social media posts should have been met with a similar response to Pedro Pascal when he apparently likened Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Though Pascal eventually apologized for his remarks, Disney took no significant punitive action against the Mandalorian star, in what Carano views as political favoritism.