Gillian Anderson Netflix Teaser Promises Historic And Shocking Moment As Thriller

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

Gillian Anderson in Scoop

Netflix has dropped a trailer for a new show titled Scoop, starring Gillian Anderson and based on the infamous Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew. In this historical dramatization, Anderson will play reporter Emily Maitlis and be joined by Rufus Sewell, who will play Prince Andrew. The show is set to air on Netflix on April 5, 2024.

Gillian Anderson stars in Scoop, about the infamous Prince Andrew Newsnight itnerview.

The show is sure to stir up controversy and discussion as it deals with the accusations of assault against Prince Andrew in connection with Jeffery Epstein. The prince’s connection to Epstein and the accusations made by Virginia Giufree have made him a controversial figure in the British royal family and kept him in the news for the last several years. In combination with Gillian Anderson’s star power, Scoop promises to be the type of show that garners a lot of talk. 

Snoop is also likely to become a divisive show, stirring up a lot of diverse views not just on the show but on the context around the show. As a historical thriller, every detail of the show will be held under a microscope by viewers looking for as much realism and factual evidence as possible, and a standard most dramas don’t have to worry about. The sheer amount of news around Prince Andrew and the larger Epstine case is sure to draw a closer level of scrutiny from audiences. 

Between The Crown and Scoop, Gillian Anderson is becoming a dramatic force at Netflix.

While the real-life element is going to be a draw for many who have followed the news story closely, TV fans will likely be tuning in to see more of Gillian Anderson. Anderson is best known for her long-time role as Dana Scully on The X-Files, which made her a household name and endeared her to a generation of fans. For many, Anderson’s presence is enough to warrant a viewing, even if they aren’t especially interested in the true story Snoop is based on. 

Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell in Scoop

Audiences will be interested in seeing Gillian Anderson’s take on a real-life figure like Emily Maitlis rather than inhabiting an entirely fictional character. Fans of the actress will be eager to see her doing something so different from her most famous role. Playing a character in an intense interview setting is also an interesting challenge, but one that such a prolific and respected actress could potentially turn into a career-defining performance. 

Fans can catch Gillian Anderson in Scoop on April 5.

Behind the scenes, Snoop is also bringing some star power to the show for fans of historical dramas. Philp Martin will be directing the series, a name some might recognize from another hit Netflix historical drama, The Crown. While his name may not draw audiences like Gillian Anderson, Martin’s involvement should put fans of the genre at ease, letting them know that the show is in good hands regarding direction. 

Scoop promises to bring a multitude of fans in for different reasons. Fans of historical dramas and current events will want to see one of the biggest stories of the last few years be dramatized. Others will want to see Gillian Anderson in such a shocking thriller.