Game Of Thrones Star Reveals They Got To Keep The Most Iconic Prop

Hannah Waddingham played the cruel Septa Unella on Game of Thrones, and she kept her famous "Shame!" bell prop after getting killed off later in the season.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

HBO’s Game of Thrones had an iconic and historic run, employing nearly as many huge A-listers as the MCU, and sparking non-stop water cooler conversations every week for years. One of the most iconic scenes in the show’s eight-season run prominently featured a nearly unrecognizable Hannah Waddingham, as a domineering religious figure, shouting “Shame!” while parading a nude Queen Cersei, as played by Lena Headey, through the streets of Kings Landing, ringing a bell to signal the attention of the onlooking peasants. A Youtube short featuring Waddingham on the Drew Barrymore Show confirms that the Ted Lasso actress kept the prop bell as a souvenir from her landmark scene.

The clip begins with Drew Barrymore thoughtfully prodding the question of Hannah Waddingham’s appearance on the show, as her minor role kept her buried under a mountain of nun clothing. Though the scene is constantly referenced in memes, pop culture, and general discussions surrounding Game of Thrones, most fans wouldn’t have picked Waddingham out of a lineup due to her muted and understated performance. Of course, once Hannah Waddingham confirmed the casting and shouted her trademark phrase, “Shame!” the audience instantly lit up with glee, recognizing the actor’s voice.

Hannah Waddingham continued to inform the floored Drew Barrymore that she had been given the iconic bell prop from the scene as a wrap gift from the show’s creators. Joking that the gift is a clear signal that her character would be killed and written off the show, Waddingham mimed the use of the bell to signal her iconic performance to the crowd further. Of course, Hannah Waddingham’s character, Septa Unella, was killed off-screen after being presented as a “gift” to Cersei’s zombie bodyguard, the re-animated Mountain That Rides, when Cersei took her bloody revenge against the entirety of the Church of the Seven in the season 6 finale.

Hannah Waddingham on Game of Thrones

Though Hannah Waddingham starred in her integral role through eight high-tension episodes of the hit fantasy series, most fans know her more for her work on Ted Lasso, where she stars as Rebecca Welton. As Rebecca Welton, the owner of AFC Richmond, Waddingham has won garnered awards and critical praise, making her a household name for those unfamiliar with her many previous acting credits. According to IMDb, Waddingham has several exciting projects lined up for the future, including a leading voice role as Deliria on Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon’s next animated project, Krapopolis.

Krapopolis is set to launch later this year, with FOX making a preliminary decision to greenlight three seasons ahead of the show’s premiere, a rare sign of studio faith in an animated venture. Joining Hannah Waddingham in the show’s cast are Duncan Trussel, Richard Ayoade, and What We Do In The Shadows star Matt Berry. The animated show is being executive produced by creator Dan Harmon and Jordan Young, who produced such hit programs as Drawn Together, Raising Hope, and Bojack Horseman.

Hannah Waddingham has had an incredible career trajectory since her short but memorable time on Game Of Thrones. The news that she was able to keep her prop bell will surely come as a pleasant surprise to several fans of the iconic performance… and there’s no “Shame!” in that.