Fred Savage Has Been Fired From His Best Series For Misconduct Allegations

Fred Savage has come under fire as an investigation took place due to allegations of misconduct by the man. This investigation has led to his firing.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

Fred Savage

Fred Savage has been fired from his role as executive producer/director of the ABC Comedy series reboot The Wonder Years, Deadline reports. The decision comes after ABC parent company Disney investigated a series of allegations made against Savage. The allegations in question that have been levied at Fred Savage relate to inappropriate conduct.

20th Television, the production company behind The Wonder Years, released a statement outlining the decision: “Recently, we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage, and as is policy, an investigation was launched. Upon its completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as an executive producer and director of The Wonder Years.” The nature of the inappropriate conduct has not been given verbatim, but it is understood by Deadline that the conduct included several verbal outbursts and inappropriate behavior.

As shocking as this Fred Savage news may be, it isn’t the first time the Actor/Producer/Director has been subject to allegations of inappropriate behavior. In 2018, Ashley Mills, of the original The Wonder Years cast told Yahoo that the show was canceled due to a lawsuit filed against Savage. The lawsuit was reportedly filed against Savage and fellow cast member Jason Hervey, by a costume designer on the set of the show. As well as this, Savage was subject to another set of accusations, this time for his work on The Grinder, as reported by TMZ. A customer on that show sued the actor for inappropriate behavior and allegedly cited that he would often be verbally abusive. The accusations at the time were investigated and no evidence was found to support the claims of misconduct. The same cannot be said this time for the scenario that has come about on the new The Wonder Years show.

The Wonder Years reboot has so far had one season, Fred Savage became the youngest actor ever to receive an Emmy nomination for his starring role on the original version of the show and directed several episodes in the reboot. His acting career features other notable roles including an appearance in The Princess Bride, The Boy Who Could Fly and Austin Powers in Goldmember. As well as a long-standing acting career, Fred Savage has several directing credits to his name. Just as with The Wonder Years, several of Savage’s 73 Directing Credits come from the world of comedy television. Savage has helmed numerous episodes in a whole host of different series, from 2 Broke Girls to Modern Family and several shows in between.

As it stands, it is just Fred Savage that has been given his marching orders, The Wonder Years, for now, lives on. The reboot, having undergone one season, is yet to be renewed for a return to television screens. Whether this latest revelation spells the end for the show remains to be seen. If the previous reports from Yahoo are to be believed, allegations in the past ended the original show, and considering investigations found the present allegations a stackable offense, it would be no surprise to see The Wonder Years reboot head the same way as Fred Savage, out of the 20th Television exit door. If not, at the very least, the show will be needing a new exec producer.