Fan-Favorite Horror Series Announces Season 3 After 5 Years

By Charlene Badasie | Published

AMC has officially picked up supernatural anthology series The Terror for a third season, almost five years nearly five years after its second outing. The six-episode season will be based on the Victor LaValle novel The Devil in Silver and is expected to premiere on AMC and AMC+ in 2025. Chris Cantwell, known for his work on Halt & Catch Fire and Lodge 49, will write and executive produce the series with LaValle.

Season 3 Takes Viewers Into A Psychiatric Hospital

The first two episodes of The Terror: The Devil in Silver will be directed by Karyn Kusama, who will also take on an executive producer role. Zucker of Scott Free, Alexandra Milchan of Emjag, Guymon Casady of Management 360, and Scott Lambert of Anjulia Productions will serve as executive producers. AMC Studios will oversee the entire production.Per the official synopsis, The Terror Season 3 follows Pepper, a blue-collar moving man, who, due to a combination of unfortunate circumstances and a volatile temper, is wrongly committed to New Hyde Psychiatric Hospital. Trapped inside, Pepper faces adversarial patients, doctors with dark secrets, and possibly the Devil.

As Pepper navigates his new nightmarish environment where appearances are deceptive, he realizes the only way to be free again involves confronting the evil forces that seem to thrive on the suffering within New Hyde’s walls. However, trying to escape may reveal that the real terror lives within Pepper himself.

The Terror Season 1

The first season of The Terror transported viewers into the heart of Captain Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition to the Arctic from 1845 to 1848. The Royal Navy’s polar explorer ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror embark on a dangerous journey south toward King William Island, navigating uncharted territories in pursuit of the Northwest Passage.The Terror Season 1 sees the crew face brutal Arctic conditions along with a mysterious and deadly menace. The show featured a cast led by Jared Harris as Captain Francis Crozier, along with Tobias Menzies as Commander James Fitzjames, Paul Ready as Dr. Harry Goodsir, and Ciarán Hinds as Franklin.

Season 2

The Terror Season 2, subtitled “Infamy,” is set in an American-run Japanese internment camp during World War II. Co-created by Alexander Woo and Max Borenstein, this installment explores the Japanese folklore of bakemono. These uncanny specters menace a Japanese-American community from Southern California to the internment camps and the war in the Pacific.The story explores the complexities of identity, loyalty, and the haunting legacy of discrimination while the characters deal with supernatural forces and the harsh realities of wartime internment. The Terror Season 2 also featured a talented cast, including Derek Mio, Kiki Sukezane, Cristina Rodlo, Shingo Usami, Naoko Mori, Miki Ishikawa, and the legendary George Takei.

Based On Novel By Dan Simmons

The Terror began as a historical horror novel by Dan Simmons. Published in 2007, the story is a fictionalized account of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition, which aimed to navigate the Northwest Passage in the Arctic during the mid-19th century. Simmons conducted extensive research to create a realistic portrayal of the historical events and the harsh conditions faced by the Franklin Expedition.

When Does Season 3 Release?

The Terror (novel) received positive reviews for its atmospheric storytelling, historical accuracy, and the seamless integration of horror. While the AMC television adaptation follows the general premise of the book, it also expands on specific aspects of the story. After five long years, fans can expect season 3 sometime in 2025.