Exclusive: A Quiet Place Series In Development

Now, thanks to a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we've exclusively learned that Paramount+ is also developing A Quiet Place series.

By Faith McKay | Published

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When John Krasinski was making A Quiet Place, he believed it was a standalone film. It wasn’t long at all until the sequel went into production. That movie became the first big success in movie theater exclusive releases after the start of the pandemic. Rather than making a third film in their series, they’re currently working on finding the right director to make a spinoff movie for the franchise. It’s thought that this will lead to the studio building out a cinematic universe. Now, thanks to a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we’ve exclusively learned that Paramount+ is also developing A Quiet Place series.

We were unable to confirm if stars Emily Blunt or John Krasinski are involved in the development of this new A Quiet Place series for Paramount+. The new spinoff film has Krasinki involved as a producer, and it’s been said that he came up with the idea for the new film. Hopefully, he’s also involved in this project in some capacity, since he’s had such a strong influence on the first two films. As for whether any of the same characters from the movie will be seen in the new series, we also don’t know. We would guess that since the studio is looking at building out their cinematic universe, the stars of the first two movies won’t be acting in the series they’re developing.

However, there’s lots of room for the A Quiet Place series to still be tied into the story first told in the movies, especially the sequel. Part II introduced interesting new characters in the film’s ending. There were the terrifying villains on the dock who attacked Regan (the daughter) and Emmett. Then, there was the community on the island. Granted, these characters didn’t get actual names. Djimon Hounsou played Man On Island and Scoot McNairy played Marina Man. However, their characters were interesting, and the fact that we only saw a little of them could make them a good place to build out a series. While the island community seems to have been living a happy and secure life, there are a lot of questions about what’s happening with the violent group at the marina.

quiet place series

A Quiet Place series using those characters could turn them into main characters and create a post-apocalyptic horror series similar to what audiences know from The Walking Dead. Alternatively, those characters could remain the villains, giving a tie to the second movie, but introduce a new group surviving nearby and struggling to deal with that marina group.

Another alternative would be to have A Quiet Place Series around the character of Regan Abbott, the daughter played by Millicent Simmonds. She was an interesting and brave character in the second movie. Because of her actions, the island community was discovered, and so was a way forward for fighting the monsters using sound. However, if one of the Abbott family members is involved in the series, it would seem that they would also need to get Emily Blunt on board. As a movie star, it may be difficult to get her to commit to a Paramount+ series.

Of course, they could be developing A Quiet Place series with entirely new characters. It would seem like a good way to build out the cinematic universe would be to use some minor characters to tie into the movies to help draw audiences in, but that’s not necessary. The monsters taking over the planet could be enough of a tie for the world. It’s going to be interesting to see how they move forward with this project.