Exclusive: Owen Wilson Returning For More Marvel Projects

We've exclusively learned that Owen Wilson has a bigger future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of him.

By Faith McKay | Published

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One of the obstacles for setting up a Loki Disney+ series had to be creating characters and finding actors that could play off of Loki, an iconic character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Someone got things very right when they brought on Owen Wilson to play Mobius. He’s able to sit down with the God of Mischief, going on about his burdens of glorious purpose, and be… very Owen Wilson about it all. Unintimidated, and turning simple one-word responses into something hilarious. More than that though, the pair are then able to dive into real conversations, developing a better understanding of Loki’s views. Wilson’s Mobius gives us a new perspective on a character we’ve watched for years. Is Marvel really going to let Mobius go after just one project?

Thanks to a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we’ve learned that Owen Wilson will in fact be returning for more Marvel projects beyond Loki. While Marvel will often keep characters around for multiple projects, fans of the character on the Disney+ series will be relieved to know that this won’t be the end for the actor. It seems clear that the studio has plans to bring a lot of story elements from their Disney+ series forward into future series and Marvel movies for the big screen. The development of the TVA seems like something that we’ll be seeing more of in future projects, and it seems safe to assume that was the plan all along.

We were unable to learn if Owen Wilson’s Mobius was something Marvel had planned to bring into the future all along, or if they made the judgment call after seeing how well audiences reacted to his character. With so much groundwork on building this character, it would be a strong likelihood that they at least considered it a possibility and therefore have at least a rough idea of what projects he’ll be appearing in. Marvel tends to plan most of their projects out years in advance. The storyboards that pull all of their projects together to create a cohesive universe must be miles long. While our source wasn’t able to share what projects Owen Wilson’s character will be showing up in, that’s something we’ll be watching out for.

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Owen Wilson’s Mobius is now firmly associated with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, but it’s likely we’ll see him in future projects establishing himself more as a solo figure and getting to know other characters. It would have been awesome to see him in the next Thor movie, if just to chat with Chris Hemsworth’s character about his mischievous brother, but that seems unlikely. The movie is too far along in production at this point and other than the idea of that fun interaction, there isn’t a lot of story for Mobius M. Mobius to dive into there. Meanwhile, a movie like Ant-Man 3 may be a strong contender.

Ant-Man 3 comes out in 2023. It’s going to be exploring the quantum realm. This would be a good opportunity to also explore more about time travel and the TVA. Wouldn’t bringing back Owen Wilson’s familiar character be a strong way to make this accessible and explore that further? For a while, fans were hoping to see the Ant-Man 3 villain, Kang the Conqueror, in Loki. While that didn’t happen, it shows that fans are making this connection between the two projects, which means Marvel may be as well. Owen Wilson could be a great bridge to connect what we’ve learned in Loki with what Ant-Man 3 will have to show us.

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