Exclusive: Oscar Isaac Will Co-Star In Marvel’s Blade

Oscar Isaac has been cast as Marvel’s Moon Knight, but the character’s self-titled series won’t be the only place you’ll see him.

By Liana Keane | Published

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Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac has been cast as Marvel’s Moon Knight, but the character’s self-titled series won’t be the only place you’ll see him. Instead, we’ve exclusively learned that Moon Knight will also be in the upcoming Marvel reboot of Blade.

The information comes from a reliable, proven source which has broken stories like this before. Our insider says Oscar Isaac is in Blade and that it will be something of a team-up movie. Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight will work with Mahershala Ali’s Blade to take on vampires, in the upcoming Blade movie. 

It’s unclear whether we’ll get Oscar Isaac in his Moon Knight series as the place where the character is introduced, or whether he’ll show up for the first time in Blade. We know Moon Knight is slated for release as part of Marvel’s Phase 4 in 2022, but there is not yet a set date for Blade.  Given how many movies Marvel has to release before Blade, I’d bet we’ll see Moon Knight’s Disney+ series first, as an introduction to the character.  By the time he shows up in Blade, we’ll likely already be familiar with Oscar Isaac’s unusual superhero.

Moon Knight series
Moon Knight

In some ways Moon Knight is like Marvel’s Batman, using a host of different gadgets and detective tools in fighting crime. The difference, of course, is that unlike Batman Moon Knight actually has super-powers. His alter-ego Marc Spector got his powers from an Egyptian Moon God, which means he’ll be pretty comfortable in a world of magic and superstition inhabited by blood-sucking vampires.

Playing a major part in a blockbuster movie like Blade means Oscar Isaac’s dance card is now pretty full. He’s already filmed and set to show up on screens in Dune. He’ll show off his dramatic skills in Big Gold Brick and The Card Counter being released later this year. He’s voicing Gomez in The Addams Family 2, he’s doing a mini-series called Scenes from a Marriage, and taking another dramatic turn in Armageddon Time. And oh yeah, he’s set to take on the iconic video game character Solid Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie.

Meanwhile, most of Oscar Isaac’s former Star Wars alums are going in a different direction. Daisy Ridley recently revealed that she’s having trouble getting work. Adam Driver is sinking back into the world of indie-films. John Boyega seems to have turned into as much of a political figure as he is an actor. But Oscar Isaac is lining up multiple high-profile roles and courting Oscars too. He’s clearly become the big, break-out success from the Star Wars sequel trilogy.