Exclusive: Nicolas Cage And Wesley Snipes Wanted By Kevin Feige For Marvel Return

We've exclusively learned that Marvel has big plans for Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Kevin Feige is the architect behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has a vision for where it is these stories are headed, which is no easy task. He needs to capture the nostalgia fans have for past Marvel movies and comics, while heading forward into new tales for the universe. Now that the Multiverse has been established, Marvel’s Universe has a lot more storytelling room. There’s just no telling what could happen, and that raises the stakes. The writers are going to need to do more to surprise and excite audiences. Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we know of some pretty major steps Marvel wants to take to make that happen. We’ve learned that Kevin Feige wants Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes to return as Ghost Rider and Blade via the Multiverse for the Secret Wars movie.

Of course, the Secret Wars movie is likely still a ways off, but it’s easy to see how Marvel is getting the pieces in place for that to happen. The famous Marvel comics run has established the basic story for fans, where characters from across different Marvel properties are put together into one epic story. With the X-Men characters and Fantastic Four on the way, the essential pieces are being put into place. Once they are, Secret Wars should have the biggest cast a Marvel movie has ever seen. Bringing in Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes would be a fun surprise for fans who haven’t seen their Ghost Rider or Blade characters on screen for a long time.

While we were able to learn that Kevin Feige wants to see Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes in Secret Wars, we were unable to learn how far along he is in this process. He’s clearly getting all the pieces in place for the movie, which means it’s possible he’s spoken with the actors already, but we don’t yet know if that’s happened.

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Thanks to the Blade reboot series starring Mahershala Ali, Wesley Snipes has already been publicly asked about a possible return to the character. He has said that he is open to doing that as long as the story makes sense. Fortunately, the way the comics handle Secret Wars means that it should be easy for that story to have an appearance by Snipes make sense and tell an interesting story. As for Nicolas Cage, he hasn’t spoken about his former Marvel role recently, but has said that he’s planning to continue acting and taking on whatever roles he finds interesting for as long as he can. Revisiting the role of Ghost Rider sounds like something he’d be likely to take on.

When it comes to Wesley Snipes as Blade, the love fans have for his character is still pretty intense. On more than one occasion, Wesley Snipes has trended online when fans have credited Blade for making comic book movies cool. While Nicolas Cage has a large fanbase who love his wide range of roles, it’s not often that fans are demanding his return as Ghost Rider. While the character is definitely a popular one, his two movies in the role aren’t quite as favored. Rotten Tomatoes shows a 26% overall score for the first movie, with the audience putting it at 48%.

The character of Ghost Rider is still popular, and the source material is rich, so hopefully, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can handle Nicolas Cage’s character in a way that shows off more of what people like about Johnny Blaze from the comics when he makes his return in Secret Wars.

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