Exclusive: Henry Cavill Is Fighting For A Superman Cameo In A Specific DC Movie

Henry Cavill has a new plan to see Superman fly again, and it's pretty brilliant.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Henry Cavill

If we see Henry Cavill as Superman in something–anything–it will offer some assurance that his role at DC has a potential future. While we technically saw him as Clark Kent for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, that was from a project in 2017. It doesn’t strongly indicate that DC has a future for the actor. We’ve seen new Superman projects announced, but none of them include Cavill. While the actor is picking up other projects, it’s always been clear that he doesn’t want to let go of playing Clark Kent. And who can blame him? The Man of Steel is legendary. If he can get his Superman to appear in even just a scene or two for another big project, he can keep that character around to fly again. Now, he’s got a new aim in mind, but he has to find a way to make it happen soon.

One of our trusted and proven sources has filled us in on Henry Cavill’s current plan of attack: Black Adam. Cavill will not be appearing in Shazam 2 as many others surmised. Instead, he is now pushing for a cameo appearance in Black Adam. This is a brilliant strategy to keep Cavill’s Superman relevant and alive in the audience’s mind. The Dwayne Johnson movie is bound to be a major hit for DC. The Rock has star power and has been pulling for this movie for years. A cameo from Henry Cavill as Superman could make sense in the story for Black Adam, since the two characters have met in the comics several times, and Superman would better tie Black Adam into the Snyderverse. But is that something DC wants?

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We’ve heard rumors in the past that Black Adam won’t tie into the Snyderverse. We’ve also heard rumors that it will. Most of the rumors that it will tie in, so far, have suggested that the story references moments from Justice League. In order for Henry Cavill to get an appearance in Black Adam, DC will have to get behind the idea that Black Adam is in the same DC Cinematic Universe as Justice League, which may be a difficult hurdle for Cavill to deal with. So far, none of our digging has come up conclusive on whether the plot for Black Adam means it exists in the same world as Justice League and what DC has officially decided about this. It may be safe to assume that Cavill isn’t yet sure either.

Unfortunately for Henry Cavill, he’s on a time crunch. Black Adam just began filming. To have a cameo in the film wouldn’t take up much time. It would just have to be filmed before they began editing the movie. However, he’ll have to convince the people involved in making the movie, and the executives behind it, that this idea is as good for them as it is for his future at DC.

Reportedly, Dwayne Johnson has been advised not to talk about the Snyderverse, as he is a producer for Black Adam, but many whispers have suggested that he supports the Snyderverse vision. If that’s true, his role as the star for the movie and producer may work in Henry Cavill’s favor. We’ll be watching and waiting to see if Cavill can pull it off.