Exclusive: Multiple Versions Of Ghost Rider Will Join The Marvel Universe

We've exclusively learned that multiple Ghost Riders will be coming to the screen at the same time.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Casual Ghost Rider fans know a couple of things about this character from the Marvel comics. The character is super tough, motivated by vengeance, was played by Nicolas Cage on two occasions, and the superhero (sometimes antihero) title has been held by a number of characters over the years. While Nicholas Cage played Johnny Blaze in his films, Gabriel Luna played Robbie Reyes in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and both were Ghost Rider. There have been several other characters picking up the title as well, and they all adapt to the title and powers a little differently. Now, thanks to what our trusted and proven inside source has shared with us, we can report that Marvel will have multiple Ghost Riders in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the same time.

Clearly, one of the coolest things Marvel could do is have multiple versions of the hero in their on-screen universe at the same time. This is a great way to establish who each Ghost Rider is by showing their differences. We were unable to learn if they’re firm at this time on which versions of the character they want to bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe first. Will they use Robbie Reyes, Danny Ketch, and Johnny Blaze? Or will they create new characters entirely? A combination seems like something they may do. While we aren’t sure of what characters they’ll use for their multiple Ghost Rider incarnations, we know that they do have their eyes on actor Gabriel Luna, who has previously played Robbie Reyes as the superhero.

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Fans have long wanted to see Norman Reedus play Ghost Rider. The actor has been vocal about his own interest in the part of Johnny Blaze. Norman Reedus plays a character who often rides a motorcycle on The Walking Dead, making it easier for fans to picture him as Ghost Rider. This is something that’s been part of the fan conversation for a long time. Gabriel Luna said back in 2017 that he thinks Norman Reedus would be a great Johnny Blaze. While we haven’t heard that Marvel is on board with this, it has to at least be on their radar. Though, it’s likely that they have a long list of actors they’re considering for the multiple parts.

Of course, one could argue that multiple Ghost Riders on screen may be confusing for audiences, especially the casual viewer. “That character is Ghost Rider? And that one, too? What?” You can almost hear frustrated fans in their living rooms explaining this to the family member who walked in mid-episode. However, Marvel should be able to handle this on screen by making the characters distinct. They can do this in a few ways, such as by having the multiple Ghost Riders played by actors who look very different. They can also do this by giving the characters different vehicles. This is one way the comics have handled this. For example, Johnny Blaze rides his motorcycle. He’s the character most are probably familiar with. Meanwhile, Robbie Reyes drives a black muscle car. Danny Ketch drives a motorcycle like Blaze, but he switched things up with his outfit.

Ghost Rider fans have been waiting to see this character as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while. That Marvel is going to make such a bold move as to bring multiple versions in at the same time is going to be exciting to see. We’ll be watching to see who they hire and how they handle the characters’ backstories as they work on this development.

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