Exclusive: Emma Stone’s Cruella Is Spinning Off A Series

By Drew Dietsch | 1 month ago

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Emma Stone has made quite the impact as the devilish but likable Cruella de Vil in the most recent reboot of the Disney villain. A sequel is already in the works, so it looks like the Mouse House is riding high off the success of its newest antagonist turned protagonist. In fact, it sounds like Disney is so happy that they see the Cruella world being worthy of spinning out into another project that isn’t a movie.

Thanks to some insider info from one of our trusted and proven sources, we at Giant Freakin Robot have learned that the Emma Stone film is being lined up for a spinoff series on Disney+. We were unable to learn anything about the specifics of that spinoff, but an interview with the cast of Cruella has given us a pretty good idea of what direction such a series might be taking. In an interview with Forbes, actors Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry were asked about a possible Disney+ series that would focus on their characters, Horace and Jasper. These are Cruella’s friends and also act as her accomplices to her crimes.

The response from Emma Stone’s co-stars was the usual, “Sure! Why not?” answer that actors give when pitched an opportunity for them to get paid for another project. However, this was by no means confirmation that any such project was actually underway. Now, with the information we have received, this seems like the most likely direction to take with a spinoff to Cruella. The sequel seems to be setting up a brand new take on the familiar One Hundred and One Dalmatians story with more focus being directed at Cruella de Vil herself. Perhaps a spinoff revolving around Horace and Jasper would mean they would be taking a less prominent role in the sequel.

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However, Emma Stone not being a key player in a spinoff could hurt its chances of taking off. The assumption is that Disney wants to treat their unique intellectual properties in a similar way as they do the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Specifically, making Disney+ series that act as crucial pieces of storytelling for their feature films. If that is the approach they want to take, perhaps this spinoff will be intended to tell a story that happens in between the first and second Cruella movies. Just what that story could be is obviously unclear at the moment.

Perhaps Emma Stone will make an appearance in the spinoff. It is clear that Disney is committed to milking their villains as a separate brand. Another villain-centric movie is supposedly coming down the pipeline in the future, so it looks like we can expect a lot more focus on these baddies in the near future. With Disney making their streaming content their priority for the future, we expect to hear about a lot more projects like this that end up turning movies into larger multimedia franchises. Cruella could be the testing ground for just such a strategy. And if it does work, expect that to be the new normal with these projects.