Eva Longoria Is Making A Sci-Fi Series

Eva Longoria, known for Desperate Housewives, is about to take on sci-fi.

By Annie Banks | Published

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Carlos Hernandez’s award-winning book Sal & Gabi Break the Universe is coming to small screens as a deal was struck between UnbeliEVAble Entertainment and Disney Branded Television. Eva Longoria and Ben Spector are signed on to develop the series that will be written by Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists scribe Nelson Soler.

The plot of the series supported by Eva Longoria and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment will center around teenage Sal Vidón who discovers that he can reach into time and retrieve whatever he wants from the universe. His powers were developed as a result of his meddling with his father’s experiments, and Vidón turns to the help of his friend Gabi to bring back his mother, consequentially interfering with alterative universes in the process. Their tampering with universes outside of their own and playing with other timelines has the possibility to put their own world at a higher risk.

EVP, Creative Development and Strategy for Disney Branded Television Ayo Davis said that it was exciting to work with Eva Longoria on a story that they believe is imaginative, full of heart, and full of adventure. Davis credits Hernandez’s book for its authentic storytelling and its diverse representation of characters, calling the story “heartwarming and humorous.” Eva Longoria and her entertainment company are creating multiple projects for 20th Century Television that will differentiate from the Disney Branded Television banner. Among upcoming titles is Brown-ish, a Black-ish spinoff, and Flamin’ Hot for Disney Searchlight Picture. Flamin’ Hot will follow the life story of the spicy snack creator Richard Montanez.

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe, under Eva Longoria’s entertainment company, is one of the latest stories that will feature a Latino story worked on by a Latino cast and crew. Disney Channel will also roll out Ultra Violet & Blue Demon, a superhero series about a crime-fighting Mexican-American family who uses their luchador masks to fend off wrongdoing. Sal & Gabi Break the Universe and Ultra Violet & Blue Demon follow Pixar’s Coco, a celebration of Mexican culture that stars a mostly-Latino cast.

Eva Longoria was previously reported to star in an untitled science fiction feature alongside Ice Cube as the film delves into the debate around privacy versus surveillance in the modern world. She also returned to lend her voice for Boss Baby 2 as the first Boss Baby was an immense success for DreamWorks animation. It was previously reported that she would direct the Flamin’ Hot movie, which was said that its plot was unfaithful to the true story of the chip creator’s coming to be. The company deemed the story that was written to be an urban legend and that only part of the plot was proven to be true. Despite that, the project is moving forward, with Longoria standing behind the man at the center of her biopic.

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe was a hit novel before Eva Longoria approached the novel for television adaptation. The book was first released on March 5, 2019, by Rick Riordan Presents, primarily focusing on Cuban folklore and science fiction themes. Riordan has advocated for inclusion and diversity through his Percy Jackson young adult mythology series and their spinoffs, and it’s exciting to see him support other authors who embrace the multitude of cultures that contribute to the world around them. There is no official release date announced for Sal & Gabi Break the Universe.