Erin Moriarty, The Boys Star, Snaps Back At Megyn Kelly Accusations

By TeeJay Small | Published

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These days, beauty standards and face filters have left many celebrities feeling trapped in an endless cycle of plastic surgery and body modification. Unfortunately, there are still a number of judgmental commentators who have made entire careers off courting controversy and attacking others for their looks. One such victim of this bullying is The Boys star Erin Moriarty, who recently snapped back at Megyn Kelly for accusing her of getting extreme plastic surgery.

Erin Moriarty On Instagram

Erin Moriarty took to Instagram to respond to comments recently made on a January 17 episode of The Megyn Kelly Show podcast, claiming that the former Fox News host was bullying her with false statements.

In the post, the Starlight actress accuses Kelly of being a misogynist, pandering to her base of mostly white male viewers by vindicating hurtful and unsubstantiated rumors, and harming other viewers and listeners along the way by body shaming those who do choose to get plastic surgery.

False Accusations?

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During the segment of The Megyn Kelly Show, the eponymous host was joined by Michael Knowles, a controversial far-right commentator best known for his work with Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire.

While discussing the ethics of plastic surgery with Knowles, Kelly accused Erin Moriarty of having an addiction to going under the knife, and engaging in what she refers to as a social illness by refusing to age gracefully.

Courting Controversy

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Regardless of whether Erin Moriarty has ever had plastic surgery of any kind, these hurtful comments are clearly unnecessary, designed to court controversy, and are, patently, not an entertaining topic of discussion for a political podcast, objectively speaking.

Megyn Kelly concluded her statements by calling the urge to get elective surgery a mental illness and begging young women around the world to avoid common variations at all costs.

Wrong Timelines

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Erin Moriarty clarified that the entirety of Megyn Kelly’s segment on her alleged surgeries was based on lies, including a completely falsified timeline for a pair of before and after photos.

Per Moriarty’s statement on social media, Kelly claimed that a photo of the actress was taken within the last year, when in fact it was a picture of Erin Moriarty in her youth, nearly 20 years ago.

The actress, who will turn 30 in June, explained that factors such as lighting, camera quality, and professional Hollywood-grade makeup made the recently snapped after photo look so drastically different from the other image.

The Boys Stars Jump In

Erin Moriarty’s The Boys co-stars immediately took to social media to support her in her fight against Megyn Kelly and her band of listeners.

Jack Quaid and Chace Crawford are among those who left messages of encouragement in Moriarty’s Instagram comments section, which was quickly noted by fans of the Amazon original series.

The upcoming fourth season of the hit superhero parody show is highly anticipated by fans across the globe, with no known release date at this time.

Finding Other Topics

With any luck, Erin Moriarty will find the courage and confidence to sidestep Megyn Kelly’s listeners, even as they flood her social media with rude messages and continue harassing her.

While it’s likely too much to ask that the ultra-conservative podcast host apologize, fans of both The Boys and The Megyn Kelly Show can likely agree that it would be best for the political commentator to move on to more pressing topics of discussion.