The Eric Bana Supernatural Horror On Netflix Could Have Been Much Scarier

By Steven Nelson | Published

eric bana deliver us from evil

Ever wanted to see the hunky Eric Bana trade in his charming roles for a deep dive into the chilling unknown? Well, look no further! Now streaming on Netflix is Deliver Us From Evil, a movie that tries to spooky, caffeinated nightmare fuel. Does it get all the way there? Well, they sure gave it a solid effort.

Eric Bana stars in Deliver Us From Evil streaming on Netflix

Deliver Us From Evil could have been called “When Ghost Hunting Goes Mainstream.” Eric Bana, who’s more commonly associated with being the hunky lead in romantic dramas, takes a detour into Spookytown, USA as Ralph Sarchie. Sarchie is a hardened New York police officer, who’s seen his fair share of the dark underbelly of the city, but nothing quite like what he’s about to uncover.

When a series of crimes too bizarre for the average NYPD blue comes along, our man Ralph realizes he’s dealing with something… supernatural. And not the fun, Casper-the-friendly-ghost kind, but the hair-raising, sleep-with-the-lights-on sort.

eric bana deliver us from evil

To navigate these paranormal waters, Sarchie partners up with an offbeat priest. Yep, you read that right! A cop and a priest – the ultimate dream team. Together, they face down possessions, exorcisms, and all things creepy-crawly.

The cityscape of New York has never felt more sinister as familiar landmarks get a horrifying makeover. It’s a grimy, eerie mix of detective work meets demonology, giving the term “nightlife” a whole new meaning.

This isn’t your grandma’s horror movie; it’s a modern-day fusion of police procedural and old-school terror. So, if you ever wondered if Law & Order had a Halloween special, Deliver Us From Evil might be the closest you’ll get.

Eric Bana’s Deliver Us From Evil was directed by Scott Derrickson but received mixed critical reactions.

Deliver Us from Evil garnered mixed reviews from critics, but there was a general consensus on Eric Bana’s performance: he brought his A-game. Critics appreciated Bana’s commitment to his role as a hard-nosed NYPD detective delving into supernatural mysteries.

While some found the film’s plot to be a tad formulaic in the crowded exorcism-horror genre, Bana’s intense and grounded portrayal was often singled out as one of the film’s strong points.

The disappointment stemmed from the material just not living up to the actual scares. It was a shame considering Scott Derrickson was at the help of this movie. He’s directed Sinister, Doctor Strange, and The Black Phone. All of which delivered.

This Wasn’t A Typical Eric Bana Film

Eric Bana has had an interesting trajectory in Hollywood. Starting off in comedy back in Australia, he quickly rose to international fame with a series of dramatic roles, showcasing his ability to dive deep into complex characters.

Films like Chopper, where he played the infamous criminal Mark “Chopper” Read, and Munich, where he embodied a Mossad agent, showcased Bana’s talent for capturing the gravitas of deeply troubled individuals.

In contrast, romantic roles in movies like The Time Traveler’s Wife and historical epics like Troy allowed audiences to witness Bana’s softer side and, dare we say, chiseled physique.

So, by the time he ventured into the world of Deliver Us From Evil, it was a slight deviation from the typical roles we’d come to expect from him. Trading in his armor and romantic gestures for a badge and a flashlight, Bana entered the murky waters of horror.

Horror, especially the supernatural variety, demands a unique style of acting. It requires balancing genuine terror with a kind of subtle disbelief. It’s one thing to be a convincing lover or warrior, but quite another to make audiences believe you’re wrestling with demonic forces in modern-day New York. 

In Deliver Us From Evil, Bana not only stepped into the shoes of a detective but also waded through the eerie world of exorcism and dark arts. It was a fascinating blend of the gritty realism he’s known for and the intense suspense of horror. For fans and critics alike, seeing Bana in such a genre-specific role added a layer of intrigue to the film.