One Of Eddie Murphy’s Most Iconic Movies Is Finally Hitting Netflix

By Henry Hards | Published

Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America on Netflix

It’s been a long time coming, but Eddie Murphy’s iconic 1988 rom-com Coming To America is finally coming to Netflix. The film will be available for subscribers to watch on August 1st, as part of the streaming giant’s monthly crop of new additions to the platform.

Directed by John Landis and starring the dynamic duo of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, Coming To America has garnered a loyal fanbase and maintained enduring popularity even decades after its initial 1988 release. Expect it to end up in heavy rotation now that the movie is at last streaming on Netflix.

Original Coming 2 America trailer

The Netflixable movie is driven by great comedic performances, primarily those of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. Murphy plays Prince Akeem, who travels from the fictional affluent African nation of Zamunda to Queens, New York, in search of love. His desire for an independent woman who loves him for who he is, not his royal status, is the driving force of the narrative.

This performance not only solidified Murphy’s stardom but also showcased his immense talent for physical comedy and character work. Arsenio Hall, as Akeem’s faithful aide Semmi, also delivers an array of hilarious performances. Both Murphy and Hall take on multiple roles, each characterized by unique and hilarious detail, further demonstrating their exceptional comedic skills.

Eddie Murphy in Coming To America
Eddie Murphy under heavy makeup in Coming to America

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Coming to America has a solid 72% rating from critics and an impressive 85% audience score. These ratings underscore the film’s broad appeal to critics and general viewers. Metacritic similarly rates the film at a respectable 65, indicating generally favorable reviews.

The comedy genre can often be polarizing, with humor being highly subjective, but Coming to America seems to strike a universal chord with its audience.

Arsenio Hall streaming
Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy

Audience responses frequently highlight the film’s unique blend of humor and heart. The movie’s comedic scenes are praised for their timeless humor, while the more sincere moments effectively balance the film’s tone, preventing it from becoming a simple farce.

Murphy’s Akeem is a character audiences root for, with many reviews noting the genuineness and warmth he brings to the role. This level of emotional engagement is a testament to the film’s well-crafted script and skillful performances.

Eddie Murphy streaming on Netflix
Akeem gets a job in Coming to America.

Best of all, though the movie is several decades old, it holds up. Coming to America offers a cultural critique that remains relevant even today. The film explores themes of tradition versus modernity, personal freedom, and the American Dream, providing an engaging narrative that transcends its comedic premise. This depth and social commentary, subtly woven into the film’s narrative, significantly contribute to its lasting appeal.

Another point of note is the film’s impressive costume design, headed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis. Coming to America won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, and rightfully so. The dazzling array of costumes, from the traditional attire of Zamunda to the more urban outfits in New York, add another layer of authenticity and visual appeal to the film.

Coming To America costumes
Zamuda servants

It’s worth mentioning the film’s influential legacy. Coming to America was a box office success, grossing over $288 million worldwide. It paved the way for other films exploring similar themes and has been frequently referenced in pop culture.

The film’s influence is further confirmed by its 2021 sequel, Coming 2 America, which brought back many of the original cast members and introduced new ones, indicating the ongoing interest in the story and characters.

Eddie Murphy on Netflix
Eddie money

Compelling performances, balanced humor, cultural commentary, standout costume design, catchy soundtrack, and enduring legacy make Coming to America a must-see film. Now’s your chance to watch, with the movie streaming for everyone on Netflix.