Drew Barrymore Gets Catfished During Dating

By TeeJay Small | Published

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The stars, they’re just like us! Despite Drew Barrymore’s status as a lifelong fixture in Hollywood, beloved talk show host, and iconic public figure, she has come forward on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show to reveal that she was catfished on a dating app.

Apparently, Barrymore was engaged in conversation with a mysterious figure claiming to be Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford when, in reality, he was an unknown musician.

Catfished On A Dating App

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During her confession on the show, Drew Barrymore explained to the audience and her cohost Ross Mathews that she had been communicating with the man on a dating app for some time and even popped up at SoFi Stadium to see him play an NFL game.

After gathering the excitement to tell Stafford about her visit, she quickly discovered that she had never spoken to the Super Bowl champion after all.

Instead, Barrymore came to realize that her match was a random musician who allegedly thought it would be cute or funny to lie about his identity.

Tough To Match

Perhaps the catfishing was caused by jitters because matching with Drew Barrymore is such a daunting experience.

Maybe the musician actually believed he was the one being catfished and thought the real-life Drew Barrymore would never interact with a regular civilian like him.

Regardless, at the end of the day, the musician completely blew his shot with the Santa Clarita Diet star, and made her feel like a fool on national television.

Next Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce?

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During the segment on The Drew Barrymore Show which saw the host waxing comedic about her jilted love experience, cohost Ross Mathews weighed in, suggesting that Barrymore might have had a shot at becoming the next ‘Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’ style NFL power couple.

These comments were made in reference to the now-famous relationship shared between Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, as Swift can frequently be seen cheering her man on in the stands of NFL football games.

Won’t Come To Pass

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Unfortunately, it looks like that situation will not come to pass, as this experience likely has Drew Barrymore vigorously vetting every match she gets for the foreseeable future.

Of course, a bit of searching may have blown the lid of this conspiracy from the start, as Matthew Stafford is currently married to Podcaster Kelly Hall. The pair married in 2015 and have since had four daughters.

Public Has No Knowledge

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The public obviously has no knowledge of what was discussed between Drew Barrymore and her mysterious lying suitor, though the man may have fabricated a lie about being freshly divorced to keep the actress strung along if she inquired about his relationship status.

Single Since 2016

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Drew Barrymore has been single since 2016, when she split up with actor and art director Will Kopelman.

Though the pair share two children, their four-year marriage simply wasn’t built to last, leaving the talk show host focused on her work and her ability to co-parent in the years since.

A blow like being catfished can tremendously hurt one’s self esteem, so it’s wonderful to see Barrymore laughing the situation off on her television show, even if the experience made her feel ridiculous.

Source: TMZ