Dracula To Appear In Multiple Marvel Movies

With Blade coming soon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new rumor says Dracula could be facing off against the vampire hunter and others.

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There’s a lot of craziness getting ready to happen with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with characters from Fox-owned properties soon to be introduced, previous iterations of characters coming to this world, and Doctor Strange will even have a film with Multiverse of Madness in the name. As the already gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow, a new rumor suggests Marvel might introduce the public domain character of Dracula into multiple films.

The rumor comes from We Got This Covered, who says they’ve heard similar news several times. Dracula would likely be introduced in Marvel’s upcoming Blade, considering the character fought Dracula in Blade’s first comic book, and Dracula even appeared in Blade: Trinity. At least there is some precedence for this rumor, and if you’re going to make a film about a vampire killer, whose a bigger vampire than Dracula to take on?

But maybe the stranger part of this rumor is that Dracula would appear in more than just Blade. In fact, We Got This Covered states that Dracula would likely make an appearance in a new project focused on Ghost Rider. It’s not clear if this would be a film or a television series, but Marvel has yet to announce their plans for Ghost Rider going forward.


It also seems curious that such a rumor would pop up the same week that Kevin Feige confirmed Deadpool would be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and would have a Deadpool 3. In addition to this, there are also rumors that Reynolds could appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as early as this year’s third Spider-Man film. With Deadpool 3 and Blade confirmed, and now Ghost Rider apparently in the mix, could Marvel be working on a new slate of R-rated films?

Yet with Blade confirmed to be coming in Marvel’s Phase Five, we might have to wait quite some time to see Mahershala Ali’s Blade fight against Dracula, and even longer for Ghost Rider to join the mix. As of right now, Phase Four looks to stretch at least into 2023, so Dracula likely wouldn’t show up for several years. However, another recent rumor says that Doctor Strange could be facing werewolves and vampires in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which implies we might see Blade before his movie comes out. 

Because the character of Dracula is in the public domain, there are plenty of films already about the bloodsucker. Just last year alone, there were two new Dracula films announced: a film musical from Universal based on the song “Monster Mash,” as well as a modern-day remake from Blumhouse. While Marvel can certainly use the character, the bigger question might be if Marvel should rely on using a character that has already been represented in film countless times.

Dracula Dead and Loving It Leslie Nielsen

But as a villain for Blade, Dracula does make perfect sense, especially if Marvel can do something interesting and fresh with the character. If Dracula is going to face off against both Blade and Ghost Rider, he’s going to have to be worthwhile to be the villain of two separate films. 

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