See Jodie Whittaker In The Trailer For Her Final Doctor Who Holiday Special

Eve of the Daleks will be the first of three Doctor Who specials that mark Jodie Whittaker's final turn as the Doctor.

By Douglas Helm | Published

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The 13th series of the popular show, Doctor Who, just finished up on December 5th. Luckily, fans have more Doctor Who coming their way. BBC and BBC America will be airing Eve of the Daleks, which will be the first of three Doctor Who specials that mark Jodie Whittaker’s final turn as the Doctor. Eve of the Daleks will see the long-running villains ruining New Year’s Eve and generally making things more difficult for everyone. Jodie Whittaker will be joined by Companions Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan (John Bishop) on the holiday-themed episode. Other guest stars include Pauline McLynn, Aisling Bea, and Adjani Salmon.

In the trailer, we see Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon’s characters at a facility called ELF Storage before the Daleks make their unwelcome entrance. The trailer is plenty mysterious, but from what you can see it looks like there may be time looping involved. We’ll find out soon enough on New Year’s Day. For now, take a look at the trailer below!

If you want to properly catch up on Jodie Whittaker’s run as the titular Doctor, you’ll need to catch watch Doctor Who: Flux which leads up to this trilogy of specials. Flux was Whittaker’s third foray in the Doctor Who series as the 13th Doctor. Flux also marked the third and final series by showrunner, writer, and executive producer Chris Chibnail.

Chris Chibnail recently provided some more details on the New Year’s special. Sarah (Aisling Bea) is the owner of the ELF Storage facility and Nick (Adjani Salmon) is a customer who comes in every New Year’s Eve. The arrival of the Daleks will cause Sarah and Nick to join up with Jodie Whittaker’s character and her companions to eliminate the threat. Chibnail indicated that the episode would be a romantic comedy at heart combined with all the fun sci-fi concepts you would expect from Doctor Who.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show’s universe, catching up on Jodie Whittaker’s portrayal of the Doctor might be a good start. But if you want a challenging New Year’s resolution, you could try going through the entire Doctor Who series. There’s plenty to see. The rebooted series alone, which started in 2005, has thirteen series including Flux. The entire franchise has 39 seasons total.

One of the core concepts that makes Doctor Who interesting is the fact that the lead character can be a new actor in each series, since the Doctor is a Time Lord that reincarnates and travels through space and time, going on adventures. If you like sci-fi that’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, you’ll love Doctor Who. Since the Doctor reincarnates, essentially any actor or actress can take on the role. Other actors who have played the iconic character include David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, and Matt Smith.

While we don’t know who’s up next to take on the role, fans have enjoyed watching Jodie Whittaker as the first woman Doctor. This upcoming trilogy is sure to be a fun and entertaining end to her tenure. Make sure to check it out when it airs on January 1, 2022.