Doctor Strange 2 Star Talks Potential Spin-Off Solo Film

Doctor Strange 2 is finally out, and a certain character now has a new designation in the film, which could lead to a potential spinoff.

By James Brizuela | Published

marvel doctor strange 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is finally out, and madness has certainly ensued from the film. On top of a host of cameos, we are given a much different look at a fan-favorite hero from the MCU. Who is that hero? None other than Wong. However, there is certainly a bit more changed about the character this time around. Especially considering the actor has recently revealed that there could be a spinoff in the works, or rather, that he is waiting to see what Marvel decides after the events of Doctor Strange 2. According to Benedict Wong on the spinoff question, “I’m very flattered, and there are certain answers to certain questions that we need to be answered. We didn’t see him for five years when he went through the portal, so we can fill some storylines there. Let’s wait and see what Marvel does. I always say, ‘Have Portal, will travel.’”

For those who have not seen the film, there are going to be heavy spoilers for Doctor Strange 2 ahead. Stop reading immediately. So, getting back to how Wong has been altered for the new film. Well, for starters, he is now the Sorcerer Supreme, meaning that he is now the head of Kamar-Taj and essentially ahead of sorcery over Doctor Strange himself. That is a fitting title considering Wong has appeared in many of the MCU films and has rightfully earned his way to the top. Doctor Strange has a bit too much going on to take on this role if we are being honest. However, with Wong now taking on the role of Sorcerer Supreme, Marvel can’t possibly ignore the man receiving his own solo film of some sort. It would just make sense at this point. Especially considering he runs the whole show now and has been absent for those five years.

Wong and Doctor Strange had to team up to take down the evil Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2, as she had been corrupted by the “Dark Hold” which is essentially the Bible for evil. They were both done away with ease, especially when she had attacked Kamar-Taj. In fact, most of the sorcerers that were at Kamar-Taj died trying to protect America Chavez and their sacred village. They failed miserably as Scarlet Witch was massively powered enough to destroy everyone in her way. Thankfully, one of the sorcerers survived the onslaught and was able to destroy the Dark Hold before its magic killed them. However, Wong knew about a secret location that held the spells of the Dark Hold. Also, he knew where to find The Book of the Vishanti, which was the mythical antithesis of the Dark Hold. Wong might now be one of the most powerful beings in the MCU.

Wong has appeared in many MCU films, though he has also disappeared at times, and that could be where Marvel means to fill the gaps. Despite the character being turned into a meme of taking off when trouble appears, he was squarely in the middle of it during the events of Doctor Strange 2. Now it could be that he has no choice but to help the Avengers or someone who is tied to them. Especially when it comes to the usage of dark magic. We hope to see at least a Wong series come out for Disney+.