Supernatural Co-Stars Engaged After 10 Years

By Douglas Helm | Published

Despite what Twilight says, vampires and werewolves can fall in love after all. DJ Qualls recently revealed on the Locked and Probably Loaded podcast that he and his Supernatural co-star Ty Olsson are officially engaged.

DJ Qualls And Ty Olsson

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Qualls spoke about how the two got to this point, saying, “Ty and I became inseparable at the very beginning, just immediately,” adding, “And over the last 10 years our relationship evolved to what it is today, and now we’re getting married.”

DJ Qualls played the werewolf Garth on Supernatural while Ty Olsson played the vampire Benny. Qualls gave fans some further insight into how the two first met at a convention for the CW series, saying that they said “maybe three words together” and “then we went to London for four or five days afterward.”

Ty Olsson Bolder Of The Two

Apparently, Olsson was the bolder of the two in the relationship, as Qualls further explained how their initial friendship began, saying, “And then I was going to Turkey with a friend — and he is such a pure, awesome guy,” adding, “He came up to us — we all went out as a group — and he was like, ‘Can I come on your trip with you?’”

Best Friends

DJ Qualls expressed his admiration for the moment saying, ‘That is so ballsy!’ I could never invite myself on somebody’s trip.”

He added, “and it was the beginning of our friendship,” before describing his Supernatural co-star as one of the “most wonderful” people he’s ever met. 

DJ Qualls sweetly summed up their upcoming nuptials saying,  “[He is] the best friend I ever had, and now we’re going to be old men together, which is so crazy.” Meanwhile, Ty Olsson took to X to thank Supernatural fans for their well wishes. On the social media platform, Olsson said, “Thank you everyone for all the love and support and kindness today 🙂 sending you all some love and hugs.”

DJ Qualls On Supernatural

dj qualls supernatural

Fittingly enough, DJ Qualls first made his appearance in Supernatural Season 7 in the episode “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” Qualls would continue to pop up throughout the rest of the series.

Meanwhile, Olsson made his first appearance in the series as the vampire Eli in the Season 2 episode “Bloodlust,” but would have a much more prominent role starting in Season 8, when he played the vampire Benny who helped Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) escape from Purgatory.

Memorable Characters

Both DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson had some of the most memorable recurring and guest characters throughout Supernatural’s long run.

While their characters never actually shared the screen with each other, it’s cool to see love blossom outside of the bounds of the show. And it’s definitely a treat for fans of the show who loved both of their characters.

Staying Busy

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Since ending their stints on Supernatural, both DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson have stayed busy. Qualls appeared in the film Turning Point and an episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, while Olsson has appeared in shows like Hudson & Rex, The Power, Fire Country, and Wynonna Earp.

They’re likely about to get even busier as the happily engaged couple plan their upcoming wedding alongside their ongoing TV and film projects.

Source: People