Disney Cancels Another Fan-Favorite High-Profile Series After One Season

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published


Disney has pulled the plug on The Muppets. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ has decided to end the musical antics of The Muppets Mayhem, the comedy series that put the spotlight on the beloved Electric Mayhem band. Despite boasting a talented cast and the creative and comedic prowess of Adam F. Goldberg, the show met its demise after just one season.

The Muppets Mayhem Canceled

The Muppets Mayhem featured 10 episodes of Electric Mayhem band shenanigans, all of which were released to Disney’s streaming platform last May.

Following the typical procedure for the streaming world, Disney has kept a tight lid on viewership statistics for the Muppets comedy series, leaving fans to wonder about the series’ performance and why exactly the Emmy-nominated series got the boot.

However, the series is notably absent from Nielsen’s top 10 streaming rankings.

Lilly Singh Was In The Lead

In The Muppets Mayhem, Lilly Singh took the lead in the human cast, portraying a young music executive tasked with helping the Electric Mayhem band record their inaugural studio album.

Alongside Singh, the series featured Tahj Mowry, Saara Chaudry, Anders Holm, and a star-studded Muppets ensemble including Matt Vogel, Bill Barretta, Peter Linz, Dave Goelz, David Rudman, and Eric Jacobson.

A Joyful Experience

Muppets mayhem

Adam F. Goldberg, known for being the creator behind The Goldbergs before developing The Muppets Mayhem, expressed his gratitude to the fans via X, acknowledging the critical and audience acclaim that garnered the show six Emmy nominations and a remarkable #1 Billboard album.

In a message to supporters, Goldberg shared, “Mayhem was truly the most joyful and collaborative experience of my career.”

Good Spirits

Muppets mayhem

Jeff Yorkes, co-creator alongside Goldberg and Muppets veteran Barretta, reflected on the journey in a post of his own, saying, “What a long, strange trip it’s been!”

He acknowledged the highs and lows of the journey and threw out a special thanks to Zoot, the muppet saxophone player for Electric Mayhem, who sports a long blue-haired, balding look.

Yorkes also thanked the fans and viewers and expressed a wish for more people to discover The Muppets Mayhem.

Future Of The Muppets

Muppets mayhem

Despite the setback, Goldberg remains optimistic about the future of the Muppets at Disney+. He hinted at the possibility of more Muppets series in the pipeline, sharing that his whole purpose for creating The Muppets Mayhem was to develop a Muppet-verse.

“YES I am already cooking up more Muppets,” he said, mentioning that Barretta and Yorkes would continue to team up with the comedic creator. “IT’S HAPPENING!!!”

Other Muppets Titles

Muppets mayhem

While Disney has owned the rights to The Muppets since 2004, The Muppets Mayhem was only the second original series featuring these iconic characters on Disney+.

The series was released after the short-form Muppets Now was added to the streamer’s catalog in 2020. In addition, a Halloween special titled Muppets Haunted Mansion graced the streamer in 2021.

Executive produced by Goldberg and Barretta, along with Michael Bostick, Kris Eber, David Lightbody, and Leigh Slaughter, The Muppets Mayhem aimed to capture the spirit of the beloved Muppets while infusing it with a fresh comedic and musical twist.

Despite its untimely end, the series seems to have sparked a flaming interest in modern Muppets content, and the creators remain hopeful that more Muppet madness will find its way to Disney+ in the future.