Daredevil Solo Movie Happening With Charlie Cox?

Off of Charlie Cox’s surprise appearance in Spider-Man 3, a new rumor suggests that Cox could get getting his own standalone Daredevil movie.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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With Spider-Man 3 supposedly introducing the multiverse and the possibility of previous iterations of characters appearing in new films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened up a whole new world of what’s possible in this franchise. Previous villains from Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are already popping up in Spider-Man 3, while an appearance of Charlie Cox on set might mean characters from the Netflix Marvel films could be coming back. Off of Cox’s surprise appearance in Spider-Man 3, a new rumor suggests that Cox could get getting his own standalone Daredevil movie.

The rumor originates from Small Screen, which is saying that multiple sources are confirming a new Daredevil film starring Charlie Cox While it’s not clear who these sources are, apparently a bunch of them are on the same page about Cox’s future within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though Disney didn’t reveal any plans for a Daredevil movie during their recent announcement of a slew of Marvel properties, this rumor comes with plenty of interesting details.

The sources claim that a theoretical Daredevil movie wouldn’t happen until the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Six. Considering that Phase Four hasn’t even started yet, that seems quite a while for fans to wait to see this character get his own movie. As of right now, it looks as though Phase Four will begin with WandaVision, which debuts next month, and will run until 2022, as of right now. Many of the films Marvel recently showed off are likely to be a part of Phase Five, but it seems unlikely that Marvel would have already announced anything coming in Phase Six.

charlie cox daredevil

Yet this rumor continues to show that before Charlie Cox gets a Daredevil movie, he might tie into quite a few new properties within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it looks as though Daredevil might be showing up in Phase Four’s Spider-Man 3, this rumor says Daredevil could also be a part of the upcoming She-Hulk series. Marvel is already bringing some heavy-hitters to this series, with Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, and Tim Roth all appearing in the series. Adding Cox to that lineup would just be extra icing on the cake.

But going even further than that, the rumor also states that still before the Daredevil movie, we might see Charlie Cox again, this time in Mahershala Ali’s Blade. Kevin Feige has previously said Blade would be in Phase Five, although it’s not clear if that still stands, considering all the shifting and moving the Marvel Cinematic Universe has undergone over the last year. But it would be a cool opportunity to have Blade and Daredevil fighting alongside each other.

With Blade in the works and Deadpool 3 still rumored, it seems likely that Marvel and Disney are opening up to the possibility of putting out R-rated content. With that in mind, the rumor also states that this Daredevil movie could be R-rated as well, in what looks to be a new, more mature lineup of superhero stories. By throwing Daredevil into Spider-Man 3 and She-Hulk, younger audiences will get to know the character, without having to watch the standalone rated-R movie. 

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Even though it’s unclear if a Daredevil movie with Charlie Cox will happen, anything does seem possible right now, given the insane casting news coming out of Spider-Man 3. Even if we do get to see Cox as Daredevil in other films and television series, Phase Six is a long way away.