Charlie Cox Is Back As Daredevil In Spider-Man 3

Charlie Cox will return as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man 3.

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Charlie Cox will always be Matt Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil to a certain legion of fans. His portrayal of the Marvel vigilante in the Netflix series Daredevil has endeared him to an entire generation, and devoted followers of the show have been hoping that he would be reappearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that the rights for the character have reverted back to Disney and Marvel Studios. And it looks like they will be getting their wish.

Murphy’s Multiverse is reporting that Charlie Cox will be appearing in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 as Matt Murdock. This scoop seems to be confirmed by insider Daniel Richtman as well. If this is true, it is an enormous addition to the film. Having Matt Murdock show up in the movie is going to solidify his place in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe and will assuredly lead to more speculation about how he will be utilized in future projects from Marvel Studios.

Fans speculated that the lawyer would be involved with the story since the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home had Peter Parker’s secret identity revealed and he was framed for murder. We do not know if this is how the Marvel Cinematic Universe plans to introduce Charlie Cox into the larger movie landscape, but it is definitely the plotline that makes the most sense for the character. Having Matt Murdock show up will be a big treat for fans, but it would not be surprising if he does not don the Daredevil suit in the movie? But if he does? That could possibly break the internet.

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We definitely hope this news is true since Charlie Cox deserves another shot at the character of Daredevil and a way to expand his presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the Netflix/Marvel shows technically take place in the larger world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they were forced to avoid certain references that ended up making them feel separate from what was going on in the movies. With Matt Murdock showing up in a legit Marvel movie, it will make any of his other future appearances or projects feel more substantial.

Could this all lead to a revival of Daredevil on Disney+? Or could the Man Without Fear prove popular enough to headline his own feature film? All these questions will be buzzing around until we learn exactly how Charlie Cox will be utilized in Spider-Man 3. In the comics, Daredevil and Spider-Man are usually portrayed as having a fairly friendly relationship. Could the vigilante end up becoming something of a sidekick to the web-slinger in feature films? It’s doubtful and it’s almost certain fans would want Daredevil to be the star of his own story under the Marvel Studios banner.

No matter what happens, it is simply invigorating to know that Charlie Cox will be back as Daredevil and it will be as soon as the next Spider-Man movie. It seems like there will be a whole lot going down in this next installment, and we are eager to find out how it all fits together. Spider-Man 3 will be released next December. It can’t get here fast enough.

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