Daisy Ridley Wants Controversial Sequel Trilogy Star Back In New Rey Movie

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Half of the internet nearly went into its own Dark Side-style rage at the announcement that Dasiy Ridley was returning to Star Wars and would be headlining her own movie. After all, she was a controversial element of the highly-reviled Star Wars Sequels, as was her costar John Boyega. However, Ridley doesn’t care what the haters think: in a recent interview, she revealed her belief that Boyega’s Finn character should appear in her upcoming film.

Rey Wants Finn Back

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Those hoping for a ton of information about Daisy Ridley’s standalone Star Wars adventure are sure to be disappointed. This particular bit of news comes from an interview that mostly focused on Ridley’s upcoming film Young Woman and the Sea.

John Boyega only came up when the interviewer explicitly asked if she would like to see him in the upcoming Rey film, prompting Ridley to respond “Absolutely, of course” and that “It feels like we should [get back together], yeah.”

She’s Right

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We’d be willing to wager far more than “one-quarter portion” that Disney has forbidden Daisy Ridley from sharing too much more about the upcoming Rey film. If you look back at her comments about John Boyega, you’ll notice that she doesn’t verify that Finn will actually appear in the movie. Instead, she is simply giving her own preference that Boyega should return.

That leaves us with a question likely to divide fans even worse than the premiere of The Last Jedi: should Daisy Ridley’s otherwise solo Star Wars film feature the return of John Boyega?

In our opinion, the answer to that is “yes.” For one thing, Finn is a major part of Rey’s story, and whether or not you hate the sequels, you know how weird it would have been to get a solo Luke Skywalker movie in the ‘80s that had no appearances from other main characters like Han Solo or Leia.

Great Chemistry

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Another reason to pair Daisy Ridley and John Boyega back together onscreen is that the two actors have great chemistry together. That chemistry is a big part of what made The Force Awakens a crowd-pleasing film–the one sequel, really, that didn’t upset huge chunks of the fandom. We’re still not quite sure what a solo Rey film is going to be like, but having more of that killer chemistry should go a long way toward winning fans over.

Finn’s Force Needs To Awaken

Finally, while Dasiy Ridley is the main star of a Rey movie, John Boyega needs to return as Finn because Disney did both the character and the actor dirty. After The Force Awakens, the sequels never gave this character anything worthwhile to do, and the entire trilogy wrapped up before he could confess his connection to the Force.

Exploring that connection and giving us more of Finn won’t retroactively make the sequels better, but it might just make for a better Star Wars film than we have gotten lately (admittedly, this is a very low bar).

No Confirmation Of Anything Yet

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Again, Daisy Ridley didn’t actually confirm John Boyega’s return for the Rey film, so this may amount to nothing more than wishful thinking on her part and on ours.

Honestly, though, the possibility of reuniting Rey and Finn for new adventures that have nothing to do with Skywalkers or Palpatine is one of the only reasons we’re hyped for this upcoming Disney film. Throw in some of the comedy that Boyega does best and we might just get a Disney-era Star Wars film that is completely worthy of the franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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