Cillian Murphy Joining Another Peaky Blinders Project

As is the sixth season of the hit television show, Cillian Murphy and co are set to return to television screens this year and will see the show enter the era of World War 2.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

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Joint fans of both Peaky Blinders and Virtual Reality Gaming rejoice. Collider reports that Cillian Murphy is expected to be lending his voice to his iconic character Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom. Paul Anderson is also set to feature in the collaboration between Peaky Blinders producers Caryn Mandabach Productions and VR studio Maze Theory.

Peaky Blinders is a BAFTA award-winning television series from the BBC set in a post First World War Birmingham. It centers on Thomas Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) Peaky Blinder’s gang and their trials and tribulations through Birmingham’s criminal underworld. Murphy is joined by a stellar cast in Paul Anderson, Tom Hardy, Sam Neill, Adrien Brody, and the late great Helen McCrory. The show has been a massive critical hit for the BBC and is set to enter its sixth and final season soon, and a feature film will follow as well. 

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom will give fans of the show the perfect opportunity to live out a narrative in the criminal underworld of the beloved TV series. Players will be able to make decisions to dictate their story and will come into contact with existing characters from the series and some new faces as well. Peaky Blinders is in good hands with the VR studio Maze Theory as they have some solid work under their belt already. Previous projects undertaken by maze theory include VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and another Whovian game created for mobile use, the award-winning Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.

Peaky Blinders is the latest example of a BBC/Maze Theory collaboration, and although a platform announcement has yet to be made, NME say to expect Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom to follow in the steps of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and release across PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and HTC Vive. You can watch the trailer for the game below, where players will also be able to visit iconic locations from the TV show, from Shelby’s Betting Shop to the Garrison Pub.

The trailer offers a tantalizing tease of what’s to come in this Peaky Blinders VR offering with Cillian Murphy. Maze Theory CEO Ian Hambleton, had this to say on the upcoming game: “For the first time, fans will have access to believable and responsive characters from Peaky Blinders, coming face-to-face with Tommy Shelby and encountering first-hand some terrifying situations. It’s an intense and thrilling experience. At Maze Theory, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and creating highly innovative fan and gaming experiences. We’re very excited to be giving fans and VR enthusiasts access to the Peaky Blinders’ world, transporting them back to 1920s Birmingham and putting them in iconic locations such as The Garrison and Charlie’s Yard.”

A release date has yet to be confirmed for the upcoming Peaky Blinders VR title, but it is definitely coming in 2022. As is the sixth season of the hit television show, Cillian Murphy and co are set to return to television screens this year and will see the show enter the era of World War 2. The series will then be followed by the aforementioned feature film, which will end the Peaky Blinders storyHowever, there have been some musings from showrunner Steven Knight that spin-off series could come in the future as well. So, although season six may mark the end of Peaky Blinders’ television run, there is plenty more to come from this narrative world for fans to enjoy in the future, and Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom will surely be high on fans priorities.