The Christina Hendricks Crime Series On Netflix About Housewives Breaking Bad

By April Ryder | Published

Good Girls

If you need a funny, action-packed network television show in which to indulge, Good Girls is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix. A tale of three housewives who decide to plot their own course in life, Good Girls is a show full of crime, laughs, and ingenious manners of manipulation.

If you enjoyed the unending tension of shows like Breaking Bad or Ozark, then you’ll enjoy the feel of this crime comedy/drama series. Just as the drama never stops in the two aforementioned series, the trio of women featured in Good Girls never genuinely seem to get themselves out of a tough spot. Viewers are always left to wonder what sketchy situation might arise next. 

Good Girls, starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman, is now streaming on Netflix.

Good Girls follows the story of two sisters, Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Annie (Mae Whitman), and Beth’s best friend, Ruby (Retta). All three leading ladies play suburban housewives with various major financial struggles. Beth has a husband who is cheating on her and has taken out several loans on the house, placing a crippling debt on their family. 

Annie is a single mother working at the local grocery store, Fine and Frugal, and her ex-husband is plotting to take custody of their daughter, Sadie. Ruby has problems, too, as she is just a waitress who has two children, one of whom is very ill and in need of expensive treatment. 

The cast of Good Girls

Together, the three Good Girls are desperate for money, and they come up with a hair-brained plan to rob the Fine and Frugal. While “breaking bad” in the grocery store (which is hilarious, to say the least), Annie’s boss notices a small tattoo on her back, and their cover is blown. 

The robbery, however, is successful, and the women walk away with half a million dollars. Of course, they didn’t expect the grocery store to have that kind of money on hand, but the large amount was just a bonus, right?

Good Girls starts with a simple robbery scheme, that quickly snowballs out of control, and somehow, keeps getting worse for the women.

Wrong! The half-million dollars the Good Girls stole from the store belonged to a powerful crime boss, and he wants his dough back. When Rio (the crime boss, played by Manny Montana) approaches the ladies for the return of his funds, the trio scurries to recoup the money before he returns the next day. 

Meanwhile, Annie’s boss tries to blackmail her, threatening to out her little secret if she doesn’t perform some “special” services for him. After he pushes his point a little too far, Beth overhears the situation, and the two end up taking Annie’s boss (Boomer) hostage. 

Manny Montana in Good Girls

The trio plans to use Boomer to collect ransom so they can pay back Rio when he returns for his money. When the ransom situation doesn’t quite pan out the way they planned (and Boomer escapes the treehouse where they’re holding him hostage), the Good Girls make other arrangements with Rio. Their new arrangements lead to an array of tenuous situations and thus is the premise for the rest of the show. 

The three women work their way into a genius money laundering plot, and their wiles become crazier and more dangerous as the show progresses. The best part about the show is that it gracefully melds drama with comedy, and Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta are perfectly cast as the trio of felonious housewives. 

Good Girls was praised for all four seasons, but now the entire series can be lived again thanks to Netflix.

Over the course of four seasons, approval ratings from critics of the show have remained high. The critical reviews of Rotten Tomatoes gave the first season a 63 percent approval rating, while the second and third seasons of Good Girls received a 100 percent approval rating. The fourth season dropped slightly, with an 83 percent approval rating from the critics. 

Christina Hendricks was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series at the 2019 Satellite Awards, and Good Girls was placed in the Top 200 Most Popular Television Recipients for the 2020-2021 year by The ReFrame Stamp (awarded to only gender-balanced productions). 

If you’ve heard enough and want to witness the entertainment value of Good Girls for yourself, you can find every episode of all four seasons of the show now streaming on Netflix with a subscription to the channel. The show has a rating of “TV-14”, so you’ll need to use discretion when inviting the whole family to watch.