The New Netflix Absurd Sci-Fi Comedy Series With The Most Unhinged Premise Ever Must Be Seen To Be Believed

By Matthew Flynn | Published

chicken nugget

Ah, the classic story: boy gets an internship and falls head-over-heels for the boss’s daughter who then turns into a chicken nugget. Wait, what?Get ready for another bizarre yet captivating entry to Netflix’s Korean collection, Chicken Nugget. This outlandish comedy comes hot on the heels of other successful Netflix K-dramas like the thriller Squid Game and the romantic drama Crash Landing on You.

Chicken Nugget

chicken nugget

Chicken Nugget offers a quirky plot that is certain to engage audiences. The story kicks off with Min-ah (Kim You-jung) stepping into a peculiar purple machine, which inexplicably transforms her into a chicken nugget. Just when you think it can’t get any stranger, the narrative thickens with the revelation that Min-ah is the daughter of Sun-man (Ryu Seung-ryong), the owner of the company that designed the peculiar machine. \

Sun-man, alongside an intern Go Baek-joong (Ahn Jae-hong) who harbors feelings for Min-ah, sets off on a hilarious quest to reverse the bizarre transformation.

The Cast

Chicken Nugget boasts an all-star cast featuring some of Korean cinema’s finest talents. Ryu Seung-ryong, known for his iconic roles in Miracle in Cell No. 7 and The Admiral: Roaring Currents, plays the aggrieved father, Sun-man. The lovestruck intern, Go Baek-joong, is portrayed by Ahn Jae-hong, recognized for his performances in The King of Jokgu and Reply 1988. Kim You-jung, who made her mark as a child actress in Dong Yi and Golden Rainbow, plays the chicken nugget-transformed Min-ah.

The show also features a cameo by Jung Ho-yeon, the breakout actress from Squid Game.

Lee Byeong-Heon

chicken nugget

Chicken Nugget is the brainchild of director Lee Byeong-heon, renowned for his blockbuster Korean film Extreme Job. It is produced by Studio N and Plusmedia Entertainment, with Netflix as the series’ distributor.

Extreme Job

Chicken Nugget is not director Lee Byeong-heon’s first foray into food-related absurdity. Extreme Job is an action-comedy film from South Korea that engages the audience with its high-stakes plot and humorous twists. The storyline follows a group of narcotics detectives, led by squad chief Go, who find their careers hanging by a thread. Their mission is to infiltrate an international drug gang, using a chicken restaurant for their stakeout. The original plot takes a hilarious detour when the detectives’ own version of a rib marinade unexpectedly becomes a sensation, turning their undercover base into a bustling food hotspot.

Netflix Hopes Chicken Nugget Is A Repeat Of Extreme Job

chicken nugget

The film saw an incredible performance at the box office, exceeding 10 million ticket sales in only 15 days and raking in ₩91.5 billion (about US$81.6 million). The comedy quickly conquered multiple records, skyrocketing to the status of the highest-grossing and second most viewed South Korean. Its winning combination of action, humor, and an engaging plot has won Extreme Job recognition from international moviegoers and even sparked interest in a Hollywood remake featuring Kevin Hart. Netflix is banking on Chicken Nugget following a similar path of success.

Like Extreme Job, Chicken Nugget offers viewers a delightful mix of comedy and chaos that is sure to keep them hooked.