See Charlize Theron As A Frizzy-Haired Redhead In Her New Fantasy Movie

Charlize Theron has a whole new look for her upcoming Netflix movie.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Charlize Theron is no stranger to changing up her look for a role. She has a blunt haircut as Cipher for Fast & Furious, gained weight for Monster, and shaved her head for Mad Max: Fury Road. Somehow, she manages to continue reinventing her look as she moves from part to part. Currently, she’s busy filming The School for Good and Evil with Kerry Washington and has managed to change her look up again. Now, she’s a redhead with big, frizzy hair.

Take a look at Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso for the Netflix production below.

We don’t get a great look at Charlize Theron’s face in these photos, but we get a good look at her hair. Allure has learned that her stylist for the look is Adir Abergel. The magazine suspects that the frizzy red hair may be a wig. This would make sense, because it’s a drastic change from her natural hair as we’ve seen it in the past, but it’s also believable that Theron let her stylist work hard to change her hair this drastically. The actress certainly isn’t afraid of these types of moves.

Director Paul Feig is responsible for the upcoming film. He’s worked on movies like the 2016 Ghostbusters, Bridesmaids, and The Heat. Charlize Theron will be joined by Michelle Yeoh, Kerry Washington, and Laurence Fishburne in the main cast. Feig shared another photo from the set, with Kerry Washington and Theron in costume. Check that out below.

The School for Good and Evil is based on the best-selling book by Soman Chainani. Charlize Theron will be playing a teacher at the school created in the novel for young adults. The fantasy story takes place in a world where lost children are pulled into a school and trained to become either fairy tale heroes or villains. The young princesses are trained in animal communication and etiquette. The villains learn how to train their henchmen and cast death curses. The two main characters in the book are students at the school, Sophie and Agatha. When they become lost in the Endless Woods, they come out to find their roles reversed. The former young princess is now learning death curses and the former young villainess is now hanging out with young princes.

Kerry Washington will playing an instructor at the academy for young princesses to be and Charlize Theron will be teaching the children to be wicked good villains. After her performance as Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman, we know that Theron enjoys thoroughly diving into playing a villain in a fantasy setting. She’s already getting playful on social media with mentions of the role. It’s easy to believe she’s having a lot of fun behind the scenes.

This picture has been a long time in the making. The movie was originally picked up by Universal but then purchased by Netflix. While they haven’t given The School for Good and Evil an official release date, it’s expected that we’ll be able to see Charlize Theron in the role in late 2022.