Cameron Diaz Slams Jamie Foxx Netflix Rumors

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Cameron Diaz is striking back against the haters and stepping up to the plate to clear Jamie Foxx’s name. The starlet recently appeared on an episode of Molly Sims’ podcast, Lipstick on the Rim, and slammed ongoing rumors that are circulating the word that Foxx was “crazy” on set while filming the Netflix action-comedy Back in Action.

According to those who spoke out about their alleged interaction with Foxx, his behavior was bad enough for them to reconsider their careers, something that Diaz says is absolutely ridiculous. 

Cameron Diaz Says Jamie Foxx’s Behavior Was The Exact Opposite

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The complete opposite of what the gossip mill has been churning out, Cameron Diaz says that Jamie Foxx was “the cheerleader for the entire crew,” adding that the entire team “loves him.” She said the actor is always the person to keep morale up and that “he’s just a professional on every level.”

The Actress Asserts There Was Zero Drama

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Back in Action is the project that Jamie Foxx was working on when he was rushed to the hospital with a life-altering condition that he hasn’t fully opened up about. Cameron Diaz, who didn’t feel it was her “place” to touch on Jamie Foxx’s surprising hospitalization, said that, despite what happened to the actor towards the end of filming, there was no drama on set. She says the only “hiccups” to speak of were of the typical variety that every production tends to run into. 

Cameron Diaz’s First Movie Since 2014

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Although it’s a real he-said-she-said situation, Cameron Diaz’s comments about the work atmosphere and the on-set personality and mood of Jamie Foxx are certainly redeeming as Back in Action marks her big return to acting.

The star left the business behind nearly a decade ago in 2014 following her appearances in three films that year – The Other Woman, Sex Tape, and Annie. Officially announcing her retirement in 2018, Diaz will literally be “Back in Action” with the new title, though it’s unclear if this is a one-off situation or just the beginning of her resurgence.

Jamie Foxx’s Health Scare

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While Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx were hard at work on the set of Back in Action, Foxx was rushed to the hospital, with his daughter taking to social media to share non-descript updates. The actor hadn’t been seen in public over the last several months until a few weeks ago when he made a shocking appearance at the Critics Choice Awards to accept the Vanguard Award. There, he made a heartfelt speech about his condition without going into too many specifics, adding that he was grateful to be alive.

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Foxx

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Still, beyond what Cameron Diaz and the others on the set of Back in Action saw, Jamie Foxx is facing allegations of sexual assault, something that could bring him down should they prove to be true. The claims came out at the end of November, with a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleges that the incident took place back in 2015 at a New York City restaurant. That story is still developing but we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Back In Action Is Coming Soon To Netflix

Along with Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx, Back in Action also stars Glenn Close (Air Force One) and Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights). No plot details have been released at this time but the production has been billed as a comedic high-octane action flick. Stay tuned for more updates including when audiences can expect to catch the feature on Netflix.Source: Lipstick on the Rim