Brie Larson Joining Star Wars As The Franchise’s Most Powerful Jedi?

A new rumor says Brie Larson is about to change Star Wars.

By Faith McKay | Published

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These days, Brie Larson plays Captain Marvel for one of the biggest franchises in the world. However, the actress has always been ambitious and that Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t her only goal. She also auditioned for The Hunger Games, Terminator, and Star Wars. In fact, the actress has said she auditioned for all the new Star Wars movies. Three months ago, insider Daniel Richtman claimed that Brie Larson was in active talks to take on a Star Wars role, something she has clearly long wanted. Now, as reported by Express, YouTuber Mike Zeroh has inside information claiming that Brie Larson is not joining an existing Star Wars production. Instead, they are creating one for her, where she’ll play the most powerful Jedi we’ve ever seen. Moreover, he claims it would be a “brand new Star Wars universe with a brand new mythology”.

Keep in mind, that this is only a rumor. The YouTuber doesn’t give his inside sources for this information. News of Brie Larson wanting to be part of Star Wars is well-established from the actress herself. The rumor from Richtman seemed plausible. So the idea of Larson joining Star Wars doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Even the idea of her headlining her own project isn’t too difficult to believe, considering that she is a well-known actress with an interest in the franchise and that Star Wars has pursuing a lot of projects in recent years. However, that they are making a new Star Wars universe with its own mythology is hard to wrap your head around.

The YouTuber posted a full ten-minute video wherein he further explained what the story would be about. Brie Larson would play Maeve, a character more powerful than Anakin and Rey combined. Her character is this strong because she is connected to the Whills, godlike aliens already established in the Star Wars universe. Her journey during the series will be about discovering an ancient power in the Force that is somehow stronger than both the light and dark side. According to Zeroh, there will be a new enemy who wants this new power from Maeve. You can watch the YouTuber explain his claims below.

According to Zeroh, Brie Larson has already begun training for this new Star Wars role.

While Disney and LucasFilm are big on keeping everything they can under wraps, it would still be surprising for Brie Larson to be training for a role in a new show we haven’t heard about yet. Star Wars productions are planned so long in advance at this point. How soon could this new secret project realistically be coming?

In the past, there have been many rumors that Brie Larson could be fired from Captain Marvel. This is despite her huge payday for Captain Marvel 2. She is reportedly now the highest-paid actress in a superhero film. Will Larson have time to play Carol Danvers and join Star Wars? We know that she’s supposedly secretly filmed a scene for Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s surprising she has time for two major franchises at once, especially if one is headlining a television series. For now, we’ll have to watch this rumor and see what comes next for Brie Larson and her Star Wars dreams.

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