Bob’s Burgers Actor Fired And Banned From Show After Capitol Riot Photo Surfaces

A Bob Burger's actor was fired from the popular series after a picture of him at the Capitol riots surfaced online. It looks like he's done

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The fallout from the Capitol riots that went down almost a year ago continues for many with ongoing cases still having an effect on those involved. And one of those folks who allegedly took part in the events of that day looks like he has just lost his gig on a long-running series. According to The Daily Beast, Jay Johnston, who has voiced a popular character on Bob’s Burgers, will no longer be employed by the show. Apparently, once it surfaced that he had taken part in the events of that day, those in charge of the program were clear that they didn’t want him back in the role. 

According to The Daily Beast reporting about the Bob’s Burgers situation, Jay Johnston had been identified as a participant in the US Capitol riot which went down on January 6. 2021. It was in response to Congress confirming the Presidential appointment of Joe Biden and those opposing the election results were on hand to voice their displeasure. Then they ultimately took the mob into the Capitol itself. Several folks have been prosecuted for their roles in the events of that day. Johnston is not one of those on trial but he had allegedly been identified as being there through a distributed photo of those who were on hand. The Daily Beast had it from a number of different Bob’s Burgers castmates that it was in fact Johnston, though the comedian has apparently denied involvement. 

Jay Johnston has been voicing the character of Jimmy Pesto on Bob’s Burgers for a number of years now. The character is a rival restaurant owner of the titular establishment. He runs Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria and the two restaurants have a heated rivalry that’s been going on for years. Johnston’s character wasn’t part of the main cast, but had been featured plenty over the run of the show. This latest reported move by the series likely means the end of the line for him in the role and it stands to reason they will just find a replacement. 

It seems those at Bob’s Burgers weren’t interested in discussing the situation. Though it came through the grapevine that they had made the move to remove Johnston from the cast once it seemed like he had been there. Neither side appeared willing to talk on the record about the situation. 

Jay Johnston has had other credits over the years other than Bob’s Burgers. The comedian and actor appeared on multiple episodes of Arrested Development as Officer Taylor and had a role as a member of the news staff in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy back in 2004. Other credits include Reno 911!. Community, Anger Management, and Children’s Hospital. 

Bob’s Burgers is currently in the middle of its 12th season on Fox. The series centers around the restaurant and its owner, Bob Belcher as well as the rest of his family and his dealings in the local community. It’s won Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program twice and has been nominated a number of other times. We are sure to hear more about this situation in due order if and when the series makes an official announcement about Johnston’s employment.