How To Stream Bob Saget’s Best Movie

Many fans are choosing to mourn the late star by seeking out Bob Saget's best movie on streaming. But what would that title be and where can fans watch it? It's actually a bit of work to track down, and may come as a surprise.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Bob Saget, the actor most well known as Danny Tanner on the sitcom Full House, has passed away. During his decades in Hollywood, the comedian did stand-up, had ongoing television roles, and worked on movies. Many fans are choosing to mourn the late star by seeking out Bob Saget’s best movie on streaming. But what would that title be and where can fans watch it? It’s actually a bit of work to track down, and may come as a surprise. According to viewer ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, his best work was done behind the camera. Bob Saget directed Dirty Work, a comedy released in 1995, and it holds the best audience score of any of his films. Here’s what to know about the beloved comedy on streaming.

Those who follow a lot of major male comedians popular in the 1990s will find a lot to love in Dirty Work. The Bob Saget project considered his best movie by fans stars Norm Macdonald, a top comedian who also passed away too soon, mere months ago in 2021. The film includes big names like Don Rickles, Chevy Chase, John Goodman, Gary Coleman, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler (who plays Satan), and Christopher McDonald, who many know best as Shooter McGavin from the 1996 hit Happy Gilmore. As celebrities are publicly mourning Bob Saget, the same things keep being said: he was one of the nicest people to work with. It sounds like that may have helped him bring in these top comedians for Dirty Work.

The story for Bob Saget’s best movie follows Norm Macdonald as Mitch alongside Artie Lange as Sam. The two create a revenge-for-hire business. Feel you’ve been wronged by your boss? The pair will show up and pull a terrible stunt on that boss to get revenge for you. These wild stunts are hilarious, and easy to get behind because the two are doing it for a noble cause: they want to fund Sam’s father’s heart surgery. Things go wrong when they’re hired by Christopher McDonald, who refuses to pay for their work. Now, they have a revenge plot of their own to follow up on.

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Despite the long cast list on Dirty Work, if you missed this one, you’re not alone. Bob Saget’s best rated movie on streaming was a box office flop. On a budget of $13 million, it brought in only $10 million at the box office. On top of that, critics don’t like it. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a 14% rating from critics, though notably, there are only 14 collected there. The audience score is much higher at 66% with over 25,000 ratings. While few people saw this one in the theaters in 1998, the movie has caught attention on streaming over the years.

Bob Saget didn’t direct many movies over the years, which makes Dirty Work stand out even more. The film is also the last movie Chris Farley ever appeared in before he passed. His role went uncredited, as did many in the film, which was packed with cameos. While most of the appearances were from notable comedians, model and actress Rebecca Romijn showed up as the Bearded Lady.

With decades working in Hollywood, Bob Saget’s work is widely varied. Some audiences loved him as America’s Dad in Full House and then in its revival sitcom on Netflix, Fuller House. The latter is streaming on Netflix, where many will likely be picking up the series to remember him in that iconic role. Those who followed the star for his more adult comedy can also seek out something fairly different on Netflix. Bob Saget guest-starred on Historial Roasts, a series that makes fun of figures from history in adult comedy that seeks to cross lines. He did an episode on the series as Abraham Lincoln.

However, those who want to see Bob Saget’s best movie, as rated by audiences, will want to seek out Dirty Work, currently streaming on HBO Max. Not only is it his highest-rated, but it’s unique as one of the few projects he directed. The movie was definitely something the late star put his all into and offers up something different from what audiences typically know him for.