Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody 2 Is Happening, Our Scoop Confirmed

It looks like the Giant Freakin Robot exclusive scoop has been confirmed. Nobody 2 is in the works with Bob Odenkirk

By Doug Norrie | Published

nobody 2 bob odenkirk

While Bob Odenkirk is wrapping up his greatest character as we speak, in a franchise that really brought out the best in the actor, there’s another budding franchise on the way for the guy. It’s a later career run for Odenkirk who made his bones early on the comedic side of things but has begun to transition that to, of all things, an action career late. It goes to show you that, these days, really anything is on the table if you have talent in front of the camera. And Bob Odenkirk clearly has that. Now, we get a confirmation of a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive scoop from months ago that Nobody 2 is in the works. It’s an exciting prospect for a movie and character that totally hit the first time around. 

Nobody director David Leitch was speaking with Collider (via Comic Book) about the prospect of a sequel happening. He gave the proverbial thumbs up that it was officially in production. And it would appear that with Nobody 2, Bob Odenkirk and really everyone who was involved with the first movie (who was still alive by the end) was going to be coming back into the fold for this one. This is just the kind of news we wanted to hear around this project. Leitch said, “Everyone involved is like, ‘Full steam ahead.’ We are in the script process… and it’s happening. I mean, I think it’s happening as fast as we can make it happen.”

That’s about as definitive as you can get from the person who would be close to the situation. And it’s not all that big of a surprise either. Besides just the GFR scoop about Nobody 2 happening, the way the original flick left the ending, there was plenty of reason to suspect that we would be getting a sequel here. Though Bob Odenkirk’s Hutch Mansell had dispatched nearly the entirety of the Russian mafia, it looked like he’d been called back into the game in the final scenes. While he and his wife (Connie Nielsen) were house hunting, seeing as their last digs were destroyed, Hutch gets a call that would suggest his particular set of skills were needed once again.

And in addition to the Bob Odenkirk phone call at the end of Nobody, we also saw his brother Harry (RZA) and father David (Christopher Lloyd) driving an RV full of firearms to an unknown location. This also suggested there were other missions on the way for the characters. When Leitch mentions that everyone is on board for Nobody 2, he’s likely talking, at minimum, about this group of characters for the sequel. 

Nobody was something of a surprise success when it first came out in the spring of 2021. On a $16 million budget, it managed to earn almost $58 million at the box office. And it was a hit with critics as well thanks in large part to Bob Odenkirk playing the part perfectly. He starts as what appears to be an ineffectual loser who can’t stand up for his family. But that’s only because he’s trying to put his killer instinct at bay. What ends up happening is a tour-de-force of action by the end. And now we are going to get a round two on all of it.