Big Bang Theory Spin-Off Coming To Streaming

Warner Bros. Discovery has announced a new spin-off of The Big Bang Theory is coming to streaming.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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HBO Max recently changed its name to just Max, and the rebranded streamer is starting things off with a bang: a Big Bang (Theory, that is). As Variety reports, the newly rechristened Max is in the early stages of developing a spin-off of sitcom hit The Big Bang Theory.

Chuck Lorre, the creator of The Big Bang Theory and prequel series Young Sheldon, is in the beginning phase of fleshing out a new comedy series based in the Big Bang Theory universe. The series is part of an overall deal Lorre has with Warner Bros., the parent company of Max. The spin-off was announced as part of the recent Warner Bros. Discovery press day where the entertainment juggernaut unveiled its “new” streaming service.

Nothing concrete is known about the potential series at this time, as it’s still in the very early stages of development. It’s believed, however, that the Big Bang Theory spin-off will be an hour-long comedy focusing on a new cast of awkward, nerdy adults with an occasional guest appearance from one of the original’s awkward, nerdy adults.

The Big Bang Theory aired over 12 seasons from 2007 to 2019 on CBS. The show was a broadcast television powerhouse pulling in nearly 18 million viewers for its finale. In the age of unlimited streaming content, that’s a major accomplishment.

The prequel spin-off Young Sheldon is no slouch, either. Premiering in 2017, the series starring Iain Armitage as a nine-year-old version of the titular Sheldon was just renewed for a seventh season.

young sheldon
Young Sheldon

The original Big Bang Theory was about a group of friends, Johhny Galecki’s Leonard, Sheldon, played by Emmy winner Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg’s Howard, and Raj, portrayed by Kunal Nayyar, as they participate in stereotypical geek activities. The four characters were all scientists who spent their downtime playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading comics, and watching Star Trek.

Like any good cookie-cutter sitcom, The Big Bang Theory introduced love interests for most of its cast, including Kaley Cuoco as Penny and current Jeopardy! host and former child star Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler. The girls started off by mocking their partner’s nerdy hobbies but eventually got into them also. One particularly memorable episode had Penny, Amy, and Melissa Rauch’s Bernadette jokingly try D&D while the boys were gone, only to end up loving it.

If Max does use guest spots from former cast members to drum up interest in The Big Bang Theory spinoff, they’ll most likely stick them in the first episode, much like Netflix did with their That ’70s Show sequel That ’90s Show. As for who is most likely to show up, it depends. HBO already has a relationship with Kaley Cuoco via her series The Flight Attendant, making her a good candidate for a cameo.

On the other hand, Johnny Galecki isn’t up to much these days. His last role was on another spin-off of a classic sitcom, The Connors, and that was in 2019. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to get Leonard and Penny to make an appearance as a couple if they’re still together by the time the new Big Bang Theory show takes place.

Regardless of whether it’s chock-full of cameos or not, the new spin-off is bound to be popular if it bears the Big Bang Theory name. Now who’s up for a new modern take on “Soft Kitty?”